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Motueka River Map

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Kerrs Hill Road/Motueka Gorge  SH6: Kohatu Bridge Tapawera Bridge off SH61 Tapawera-Baton Road Wangapeka River Confluence Motueka Valley Highway: Stanley Brook Confluence Motueka Valley Highway: MacLeans Reserve Motueka Valley Highway Woodstock Bridge West Bank Road Motueka Valley Highway Pearse River Bridge - West Bank Road West Bank Road: Graham Stream Double gates Hurley Road Motueka Valley Highway Peninsula Bridge Tree Access - West Bank Road Bluff off Motueka Valley Highway West Bank Road: Herring Stream Alexander Bluff Bridge West Bank Road: Rocky River Bridge View Motupiko River map View Wangapeka River map Dove River map SH60 Bridge Valley Road/Kerrs Hill Road (Janson Bridge) Valley Road: Gordon Creek Bridge Valley Road North Road Bridge West Bank Road: Gum Tree Corner West Bank Road Whakarewa Street, Motueka Motueka Valley Road/College Street/woodmans Bend View Pearse River map View Baton River map Lakeside Lodge Stonefly Lodge Uppacreek
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