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Boat Ramp Etiquette

Following the etiquette guidelines and the steps outlined below helps speed up launching and retrieving you boat at boat ramps. It ensures a smooth traffic flow and avoids causing unnecessary irritation to other boat ramp users.

Before launching your boat

When launching a boat, please ensure you have your boat prepared prior to joining the queue, including:

  • bung in place
  • tie-downs removed
  • all personal gear, food and clothing on board
  • outboard support bracket and tow flag removed
  • your ramp permit displayed on your boat

Launching your boat

When launching a boat

  • While the driver reverses down the ramp, someone else walks beside the vehicle holding the painter (bow line) prepared to push-off the boat from the trailer.
  • Move the boat to the jetty.
  • To clear the ramp area, the person on foot can walk the boat around the offside of the jetty.
  • The driver parks the vehicle and trailer, and returns to the boat.

Retrieving your boat

On return to the ramp from a day's fishing on the lake:

  • Approach the jetty or beach.
  • If possible drop-off a person to retrieve the vehicle and trailer. Back the boat away into the lake.
  • Wait for your trailer to be positioned on the ramp.
  • Load on the trailer.
  • Drive away from the ramp to prepare for departure


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