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Murray Downie: Fly Fishing in New Zealand

Murray with sucessful angling son, Jon and Cookie the dog

Murray Downie takes both novices and experts to his top fishing spots. He offers a variety of services from salt water fly fishing to helicopter or raft into remote and inaccessible waters to catch trophy trout. Murray will take you fly fishing in streams, lakes, and rivers such as the famous Rangitaiki, Whirinaki, and Aniwhenua. He even offers to capture your experience on video with pictures, sound and a music track added.

Your guide

Murray Downie


RD1 Golf Road


Bay of Plenty

Contact details

Phone: +64 7 366 5827

Fax: +64 7 366 5827



Fishing waters

Murray's guiding services cover many rivers, streams and lakes including:



Wheo Canal

Your guide

Your guide Murray Downie is:

  • A member of the Rotorua Professional Fishing Guides Association
  • New Zealand's Pro Staff Representative for Scott Fly Rods
  • A a fly fishing instructor
  • Vastly experience in this area (over 35 years) and willing to share some of his special fishing secrets
  • Committed to make your fishing adventure successful and enjoyable
  • Involved in Environmental and Conservation issues along with his wife, Lynette
Fishing options

Year round fishing

  • October
    Start of the fishing season. The most productive and very best time for nymph fishing during the day and dry flying in the evening.
  • November
    Great nymph fishing during the day with some fish coming to the dry fly.
  • December
    Both good dry fly and nymph fishing opportunities.
  • January
    Nymph fishing still going well with fish starting to concentrate more on the waters surface to the dry fly.
  • February
    One of the better months for dry fly fishing.
  • March
    Still a great time for dry fly with nymph fishing starting to come back towards the end of the month.
  • April
    Back to nymph fishing with still some good dry fly opportunities in certain areas.
  • May
    Early spawning season. Nymph fishing working very well with some great sight fishing opportunities for both well conditioned rainbow and brown trout.
  • June
    Target rainbow trout in their very best condition during this productive time.
  • July-September
    Great fly fishing opportunities during these mid winter months.

Saltwater fly fishing

Head out on a specialised charter boat to White Island out from Whakatane where you can fish for Albacore, Skipjack, Yellowfin Tuna, Kingfish, Kahawai just to mention a few.

Video option

Capture the action and excitement of your fishing adventure on video with pictures, sound and a music track added by Ron Michael, who has been in the television industry for over 15 years.

What to bring
  • Rod number 5 and 6 recommended
  • Waders:
    - GoreTex for summer or wet wading
    - Neoprene or GoreTex for winter
Indicative cost as at 1 October 2013 Phone or email Murray with your preferred fishing option to receive a costing.


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