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Mangaohoi Stream

A small pleasant stream that offers reasonable fishing in the upper reaches and around the mouth at the confluence with the Waipa River.


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Fish type Mainly small rainbow trout with a few larger browns in the lower reaches near the confluence with the Waipa River.
Situation The Mangaohoi rises in the hills to the east of Te Awamutu and flows west to join the Waipa.

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F&G pamphlet The Mighty Waipa Trout Fishing

A small stream that is sluggish in the lower reaches. In the upper section above Te Awamutu township the stream runs across open farmland and over a shingle bed. It generally runs clear and has a reasonable stock of small, mostly rainbow trout.

The section where the Mangaohoi joins the Waipa can offer excellent fishing in the warmer months and late in the season when good numbers of fish will often congregate in preparation for running up the river to spawn.

Access Access is mostly over private land.
Methods In the upper reaches this is true dry fly and nymph water.
Recommended tackle Light rods of 3 -5 weight are best. If spinning use very light rods capable of casting as small a spinner or spoon as possible in the upper reaches. Heavier gear is OK in the section around the confluence so use equipment that is suitable for the Waipa River.
Recommended lures

Nymphs: Flies need to be small and any un-weighted or lightly-weighted Hare and Copper, Halfback or Pheasant Tail can be effective.

Dry flies:  During the day try any mayfly pattern while sedge patterns are effective especially in the evening and during the late summer try cicada patterns, or a Daddy-Long Legs or Hopper in the evening. Beetle patterns are worth trying in the early summer months and try a small lace fly from February to March.

Wet flies: Small Woolly Buggers fished across and down through some deep pools and under vegetation can induce a strike in the lower reaches. Otherwise try a wee-wet such as Greenwell's Glory, March Brown or Invicta especially if trout are rising in the early evening during the warmer months.

Spinners: Small bladed spinners such as a Mepps or Veltic fished up stream and retrieved just slightly faster than the current so they are just above the river bed. As most fish are rainbows try brighter colours such as red and gold.

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Region Auckland/Waikato regulations
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