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Lake Ototoa Trout Fishing

Lake Ototoa is a clean and deep sand-dune lake which used to provide excellent rainbow trout trout fishing close to Auckland but has deteriorated. However, due to the infestation of perch, Fish & Game has not stocked the lake with trout for several years.


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Fish type

Perch and some trout

Situation Lake Ototoa is located on the south heads of the Kaipara Harbour.

Access map

Access map with topography

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F&G pamphlet Auckland/Waikato Lakes Trout Fishing access pamphlet

Lake Ototoa is a large, deep, sand-dune lake with very clear water. There are no natural spawning areas for trout and Fish and Game no longer releases trout into the lake.

It used to offer trout fishing for all fishing methods and was popular with both experienced and novice anglers. It was a very popular winter fishery as the trout tended to come in closer to the shore during the cooler months. Over summer the trout went deep and the best fishing was done with a boat.

No motorboats are allowed on the lake and the strong wind that can blow down the lake can make rowing a boat very difficult at times. There is a good car park and a track that leads down to the lake. The western shore is only accessible by boat though there is access to the shoreline along the southern and eastern shore.


Lake Ototoa can be reached from Helenville (northwest of Auckland) along South Head Road. Access to the lake is from Donohue Road which turns off South Head Road.

See the Lake Ototoa access map.






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