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Lake Camp Trout Fishing

Lake Camp is a long narrow high country lake that holds a good population of rainbow and brown trout.

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Fish type Brown and rainbow trout in good numbers averaging around 1 1/2 to 2 kg.
Situation Lake Camp is situated on a high sparsely vegetated valley surrounded by high hills and mountains at the headwaters of the Ashburton river.

Ashburton lakes access map

Ashburton lakes access map with topography

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Lake Clearwater topographic map

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Lake Camp is a very cold water lake that is exposed to the strong northwesterly wind that blow uninterrupted from the Southern Alps. Approximately 1 1/2 kilometres long and and a half a kilometre wide, the lake can easily be accessed on foot and indeed the angler will often have to seek out areas of shelter around the shoreline during inclement weather. There are small stands of trees dotted around the shoreline to provide some protection from the elements.

As this is the only Lake that is open to powerboats, anglers often have to compete with other water sport users including water skiers. It is therefore preferable to fish early in the morning or in the evenings.

Access Access to the lake is easy as the road leading to Lake Clearwater skirts the eastern shoreline. Almost the entire length of the lake as easily accessible by foot.
Methods Both spinning and flyfishing are permitted (but although this is the only of the Ashburton Lakes open to power boating, fishing from a boat is prohibited)
Recommended tackle When the wind is strong, spinning is an obvious choice when fishing. Those dedicated to flyfishing however will need to use heavier tackle (line weights six or above). During those times of still clear weather however, much lighter lines are required and as the cruising trout are easily spooked in the clear light, false casting over the water should be avoided wherever possible.
Recommended lures

Dry flies: Kakahi Queen, Mole Fly and Humpys during the day and Twilight Beauty and other darker flies in the evening.

Nymphs: Small dark flies such as Halfbacks, Pheasants Tail and Hare and Coppers in sizes 14 to 16

Wet flies: Streamer flies that imitates small bully fish such as Mrs Simpson or Hamill's Killer during the day and small wet flies such as a Greenwells Glory or Invicta during the evening rise on warm evenings.

Spinners: Toby's, Rapalas, Mepps and Veltics. Remember the brown trout preferred subdued colours of rainbow's get excited by brighter colours such as red.

Applicable to Lake Camp
Region Central South Island regulations
Open season First Saturday in November to 31 May
Methods Artificial fly, spinner (Fishing from boats is prohibited)
Bag limit 2
Size limit (cm) No limit


Lake Heron Cottage

Lake Heron Cottage

Lake Heron cottage

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The Blue Pub Methven




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