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Lake Waikaremoana Access Points

This table details Fish & Game access points to Lake Waikaremoana. These will soon be shown on the Lake Waikaremoana map.


Onepoto Bay

A boat ramp is provided at Onepoto Bay.


Rosie Bay

Rosie Bay is another bay where there is a boat ramp facility.


Whatapo Bay

There is a foot access track from the main road to shoreline fishing. A Department of Conservation signpost marks the start of the track.


Opourau Bay (Home Bay)

It is possible to launch boats from the ramp at the motor camp. The turnoff to Opourau Bay is along the road from the DOC Aniwaniwa National Park Headquarters. Camping is available.


Te Maraateatua Point

A DOC signpost marks a foot access track from the main road to the shore of Lake Waikaremoana.


Te Whero Bay

A short track leads from the road to the lakeshore at Te Whero Bay. Again, the beginning of the track is signposted.


Mokau Landing

Boat ramp. Camping is available.


Hopuruahine Stream

The stream mouth is a popular fishing area, and it is possible to hand launch dinghies from the stream mouth. Camping is available.

Lake Waikaremoana

Walking track. Anywhere along the track is accessible to fishing. Camping is prohibited within 500m of the track unless in a designated camping area.


Lake Waikareiti

Walking access only to Lake Waikareiti from Aniwaniwa DOC headquarters. There is a 45 minute walk from the road to the lake.



Dinghies can be hired from the National Park headquarters at Aniwaniwa and hand launched onto Lake Waikareiti.


Sandy Bay

The track leads further around Lake Waikareiti to Sandy Bay. Sandy Bay provides easy access to shoreline fishing. There is also a Department of Conservation hut for overnight stays. The walk to Sandy Bay takes approximately 3 - 3.5 hours from the road.


Lake Kaitawa

Road access is available to the lake past the power station and across the bridge. Foot access only is available to the other side of the lake. There are no boat ramps.


Boat Ramp

A second boat ramp for Lake Whakamarino can be found next to the church. It may be difficult to drive a vehicle down to the ramp.


Lake Whakamarino

Access through Tuai village. There is a boat ramp next to the flood gate, just beyond Tuai School.


Lake Kiriopukae

Foot access only is available via a 20 minute walk from the Onepoto Bay car park.


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