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Lake Whakamarino Trout Fishing

Lake Whakamarino (also known as Lake Tuai) is an exceptional trophy lake where fish average 2.5 kg but frequently producing fish over 4.5 kg with some going well over 12 kg to both boat and shoreline anglers.


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Fish type, number and size Brown and rainbow trout averaging 2.5 kg with many fish over 4.5 kg (or 10 pounds).
Situation Lake Whakamarino lies to the South East of Lake Waikaremoana and near the small township of Tuai.

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Description Lake Whakamarino (which means tranquility in Maori) is a small hydro lake and like its name, provides anglers with a great water to experience some wonderful fishing in a very peaceful setting. Surrounded by the Te Urewera National Park ,it is very deep and cold and has the abilty to regularly produce large fish, some of which can go over 12kgs or 25lbs. There is good shoreline fishing opportunities and those with a boat can access a wide area of water (though motor boats are not permitted).
Access There is good access around the power station where many of the very large fish are caught) and to a number of points around the lake shoreline.
Methods This is flyfishing only. During the day try deeply sunk nymphs and in the evenings and at night fish a deeply sunk lure and retrieve it slowly in a jerky movement.
Recommended tackle A 9 foot rod with a weight 6 - 7 line is ideal. Have plenty of backing as these are big fish and they can run when hooked.
Recommended lures

Nymphs: Weighted nymphs such as Hare and Copper or Pheasants Tail fished very slowly during the day on longish leaders.

Dry flies: Waimarino is not noted as a dry fly lake although during the height of summer Cicada, Blowfly and Beetle patterns can be effective, particularly in the evening when these insects are blown onto the lake. Also think about trying a cranefly in the height of summer.

Wet flies / Streamers: Try Woolly Buggers, Red Setters and, Rabbit patterns, particularly yellow or green, and patterns such as Mrs Simpson or Hamill 's Killer that imitate a bully pattern. During the night or in dark overcast conditions use darker patterns such as Scotch Poacher, Craig's Night-time or Black Marabou patterns.

Tributaries There are no tributaries of note.
Applicable to Lake Whakamarino (Tuai Lake)
Region Eastern region regulations

1 Oct-30 Jun



Flyfishing only.
Fishing from an unanchored boat is permitted.
Fishing for trout from a motorised or anchored boat is prohibited.

Bag limit 8 of which only 2 can be brown trout
Size limit (cm) 350mm minimum


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