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Where to Fish for Trout and Salmon in the Canterbury Region

Best salmon fishing

The Rakaia River is one of the best salmon fisheries in New Zealand and the upper reaches are set amidst spectacular scenery.

Lake Coleridge is a large, exposed high country lake that is heavily fished for its landlocked Chinook salmon.

Sea run salmon fisheries

Both the Waiau River and the Hurunui River  are popular for their seasonal sea run salmon.

Salmon fishing close to Christchurch

The Waimakariri River is an excellent trout and salmon fishery in close proximity to Christchurch.

Most productive trout fisheries

The Hurunui River and the Waiau River have some of the most productive reaches of trout fishing in New Zealand.

Most scenic settings

The Waiau River  and the Hurunui River (including its North and South Branches) offer relaxed fishing in stunning North Canterbury scenery.

High country lake fishing

The Canterbury high country lakes provide fishing in a remote and uniquely scenic environment.

Hurunui high country lakes

Waimakariri high country lakes


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