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Support Kids into Fishing (SKIF).


There is a belief that kids don't want to go fishing and prefer spending time on the couch. For many youngsters this has been shown to be a myth. They often just need the opportunity, the gear and the support of an adult.

As an example, every year several thousand kids turn up for the Take a Kid Fishing day at the Groynes at Christchurch and possibly the most common enquiry we get at nzfishing.com is where parents can take their own children fishing.

But you don't need some one else to organise the event as the above picture shows with 7 year old Bianca Holderness being taught the basic skills by her grandfather at Lake Alexandrina.

Give a kid the opportunity to go fishing and it is our experience they will jump at the chance. Often it is only the lack of the appropriate equipment that is what stands in their way to taking up this wonderful outdoor activity. We would like your help to change that.

Donate equipment If you have some older gear that you no longer need, why not donate it so that a youngster can use it to get into the sport? If it is still in good usable condition, please send it to us so we can give it to a young aspiring angler who may not be able to afford or access the necessary equipment to get started..
What is useful

While almost any gear is welcome, we really want tackle that is still in good condition. We do not want to destroy a youngster's confidence by having them trying to fish with equipment that has past its use by date.

But if you have any of the following you are willing to donate, we would love to get it.

  • Fly rods and reels and lines
  • Spinning rods and reels
  • Tackle bags
  • Waders (preferably in small sizes)
  • Flies, fly boxes etc
  • Vises and fly tying equipment
Address to send to

Support Kids into Fishing (SKIF)

Tongariro River Motel

State Highway 1 (SH1)


How the equipment will be distributed

Many people know "Didymo" Dave (and if someone says they think they might know him - they don't!!!). Dave is unique and unforgettable.

Dave lives near Taupo and works tirelessly with youngsters teaching them about conservation and protecting our environment. He also takes many of these kids out on the rivers and lakes giving them the skills to go fishing.

It will be Dave's responsibility to distribute the donated gear to deserving young aspiring anglers.

Your legacy

If you are keen to know who received the gear you donate please include your name and email address with the donation. We will endeavour to get a photo of the recipient (and hopefully) successfully using it.

Please note that while we will try our best to do this, it may not be possible in all cases as we need to respect the rights of the recipient.


Any gear that is not able to be given a new home immediately will be stored by Tongariro River Motel until needed. Should any donation be deemed too valuable or unsuitable for a novice angler (eg an antique split cane Hardy rod!!!) we reserve the right to hold it and sell it with the funds going to the SKIF project.

Who is eligible to receive donated equipment

SKIF is initially working with disadvantaged youngsters in the Taupo / Turangi region. Many of these have been identified by Didymo Dave and will be the first recipients.

We are however open to requests for help from other regions for any donated gear if it is to help a youngster into fishing. So if you know of someone under the age of 18 who would like to get some fishing equipment (and can't afford it) please contact us at doug@nzfishing.com with the details, address etc.


We would love to see many more kids out there fishing and so are running a competition for the best photo like the one of Bianca in the heading. There are great prizes to be won and so get out your camera and take the kids out for a day on the water. Even if they don't win a prize, they will still be winners.

See the competition details>>>

kids fishing

A youngster experiencing fishing success for the first time at the Groynes Lakes near Christchurch




Thanks to those involved

Didymo Dave

Didymo Dave for being the coordinator in charge of distribution

Tongariro River Motel for storing the donations

Pure Fishing

Pure Fishing for the donation of rods and reels for prizes

Strike Indicator

Strike Indicator for prizes


The perfect fishing hat

Suzuki NZ

Suzuki NZ for prizes



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