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New Zealand Fly Fishing Adventures DVDs

Each DVD is visual diary of two keen fishermen fishing some of the premier trout waters of the New Zealand's South Island over the course of a season. Mike Kirkpatrick of Latitude Guiding and James English fish to wary brown trout in crystal clear waters - the ultimate challenge for any avid fly fisherman - amidst spectacular scenery.

These DVDs will not only entertain but you can learn about new locations and techniques to further your own fishing in these challenging waters.

Volume 1: Nelson District

The beautiful Nelson district at the top of the South Island is an area reknowned not only for its sunny mediterranean style climate but also for its unspoilt rivers and streams containing large brown trout.

This DVD shows fishing on nine of the Nelson region's well-known rivers including the Wairau, Wangapeka and Pelorus Rivers.

Price: NZ$39.95; Formats: PAL and NTSC

Order from mike@latitudeguiding.com



Volume 2: Murchison and West Coast

In this volume, Mike, James and the guys head out to Murchison and the West Coast in search of large brown trout in truly wild and rugged settings.

With lots of action and helpful techniques your only distraction from the fishing will be the stunning vistas that surround their adventures.

Price: NZ$39.95; Format: PAL only

Order frommike@latitudeguiding.com

Volume 3: Wonderful Wilderness

In Volume 3 of his Fly Fishing Adventure series, Mike and his companions travel into the backcountry and wilderness regions of the South Island by boat, campervan, helicopter and foot.

Share four separate adventures as Mike, Gary and his mates set out to experience fantastic wilderness fishing for large wary brown trout that seldom see another angler.

Price: NZ$39.95; Format: PAL only

Order frommike@latitudeguiding.com


Nelson Fly Fishing Adventures: A Season's Diary
- Volume 1: Nelson District
- Volume 2: Murchison & West Coast

- Volume 3: Wonderful Wilderness

- Volume 4: Going Remote (due for release Dec 2009)

DVDs by Mike Kirkpatrick and James English
Feature length: 90 minutes each

On YouTube

See previews at the Latitude Guiding website or
preview the videos on YouTube:

Trout Fishing Adventures Volume 1

Trailer for Fly Fishing Adventures Volume 3

Trailer for Fly Fishing Adventures Volume 4

Pricing NZ$39.95 each
Order online Order by email from Mike Kirkpatrick at mike@latitudeguiding.com.
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Mike Kirkpatrick
Latitude Guiding

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Latitude Guiding

Mike Kirkpatrick, Latitude Guiding

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