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Car Hire

Car Hire

Car prices vary and to get the best price it is always best to book well before you arrive. By using the booking form below we can assure you will get the best price with no booking fee or credit card charges.


All the companies listed here have good quality vehicles and come in a wide range of prices.


Airport Rentals

When hiring a car you can either hire one that is based close to the airport or hire one where the rental company will shuttle you to their car yard (there is no charge for this).

If price is a consideration getting a car that is not located on the airport premises is generallly considerably cheaper.

Age of vehicles

The major international car hire companies usually have the most modern fleet of vehicles. Again if price is a consideration there are many companies that have older cars for hire (usually about 3 - 7 years old) that have done a higher mileage.

Important dates The busiest time of the year for car hire is from mid December through to the end of January. If traveling at these times early booking is highly recommended as vehicles are in high demand.
Insurance When booking you can increase your insurance cover so that in the event of an accident or other problem you do not have to pay anything.




From small from around NZ22 per day




to medium sized from arounsd NZ$55 a day


to luxury from around NZ$165 a day







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