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Ian Botham on Fishing

‘Fishing for me is not about catching fish, that’s a bonus. I’ll get up at five in the morning, I’ll be on the river, in the river, at seven, first light. I’ve never actually worked out why, because I never seem to catch anything at seven, the first bites are at about ten when it’s warmed up, but that’s not the point… I enjoy the solitude of fishing, the peace of mind, just me and the dog…’ Ian Botham
Ian Botham on Fishing

Sir Ian Botham, cricketing legend, is also a fisherman of knowledge and passion. In his new book, Ian Botham on Fishing, he shares his love of the sea and the riverbank. As a cricket commentator he travels the world and at each stop he is able to slip away to try his hand at whatever local fishing delights can be found.

The result is a wide experience of fish and fishing from every corner of the globe including his experiences in New Zealand, which he describes as ‘a paradise for the fly fisher’.

A mixture of advice and anecdote, this book is a perfect introduction to the novice while still being packed full of rich material for the already initiated.

Publisher Published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson, December 2008.
Price $47.99 RRP
Article from the Sunday Times
9 Nov 2008

Sir Ian Botham, 52, was born in Heswall, Wirral. He first played cricket for England in 1977, and became known as a genuine all-rounder before retiring 15 years later. He now works as a commentator for Sky Sports....

His book, Ian Botham on Fishing, is out now.

I’m passionate about fishing, but it’s not something that can be easily combined with a family holiday. We’ve given it a go once or twice, and my wife, Kath, even went so far as to get her waders on during a recent visit to New Zealand, but I don’t think she found it as therapeutic as I did.

I love the peace and tranquillity that normally come with fishing... Read the full article


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