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The Strike Indicator Tool

This simple tool allows you to quickly add a strike indicator to your leader. And it won't move until you want it too. To change the depth of the nymphs you are fishing just slide the indicator up or down the leader. Or simply remove when changing to dryfly or another style of fishing.

This is one tool that will become a classic and is sure to end on the majority of angler's vests.

Name The Strike Indicator Tool
Creator Barry Dombro
Contact details

Phone: +64 21 0265 5540

Email: barry.dombro@strikeindicator.com



  • Innovative
  • Easy to attach indicator
  • Easy to adjust indicator so nymph is suspended at optimal level
  • Easy to remove - catch that rising rainbow!
  • Knotless - don't lose that trophy
  • No damage to leader
Size  The The strike indicator tool is small and easily attached to any vest or item of clothing.



"It's the perfect solution - What a great little product! The Strike Indicator Tool allows you to attach your indicator yarn to your leader in a way that allows it to be moved and that won't damage or weaken your leader. Perfect!" - Steve Gerard

"I have found it to be very handy and have made attaching indicators so simple and quick. It works – simple as that!. It is now a permanent piece of my fly fishing kit." - Julian Peters

"The indicator system works beautifully. No doubt about it what so ever. I have had two 'reps' from major fishing tackle importers in NZ check it out, another of my 'fishing mate Guru`s' and friends/clients from USA and Germany. Such an easy system which allows quick depth change hassle free is superb. It does its job very, very well. All of us totally impressed!" - Graeme Warren


How to attach in a few seconds

All you need

Small and easy to carry

Attach it to your vest so it is allways at hand.


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