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Canterbury - Our Water

Canterbury – Our Water (COW) is a group of concerned individuals who wish to act as an umbrella group to bring together all organisations and individuals from across the spectrum who believe that Canterbury’s water allocations should be decided by those who are accountable to the people of Canterbury, not by a government employee.
Background It is thought that Cabinet will decide on Monday March 22 2010 on how to implement the Creech report. Whatever views those in Canterbury hold about the performance of Environment Canterbury (ECAN), it is apparent that most people support the principle that decisions on the use of Canterbury's scarce water resource should be made locally and the decision makers be accountable to local people, not a government appointee.
The potential results from cabinet decisions

It is feared that the following could result from decisons made by cabinet if they go unchallenged:

  • That there will be an acceleration in water allocation to speed up economic growth in Canterbury without appropriate environmental checks in place
  • The broad consensus of the Canterbury Water Management Strategy that aims for an environmental and economic balance will be ignored
  • The principle that there should be no taxation (rates) without representation will be violated
What can you do

If you wish to support this cause you are invited to help organise a rally to signal to the Government that Canterbury wants to make its own decisions and be accountable for the use of water in the region.

When and where

Monday, March 15, 2010

12 noon – 1.30pm


Christchurch Bowling Club

237 Worcester St






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