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The Creeper is the larva of the dobsonfly.

In spring the dobsonfly larva crawl out of the water and under bank-side rocks so they can pupate.  With spring rain, water levels rise and many of the creepers are washed out from under the rocks where the trout are waiting for them.


Type Live bait

The creeper is a deadly early-spring live bait, popular for fishing in many areas including the King Country and the Taranaki ringplain streams early in the season and during and after freshes.

In October, anglers may be found fossicking under rocks along the banks of mountain-fed streams, collecting creepers, which are then often stored in the fridge. When the anglers are ready to fish, they gently slide a small hook under the thorax behind the creeper's head, cast it into pockets of water along bouldery runs and riffles – and wait for the trout to take.

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