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Fuzzy Wuzzy trout fly

Use The Fuzzy Wuzzy trout fly is a popular night fishing fly. Some say that it imitates a koura (freshwater crayfish) while others say it is a small fish such as a bully. Whatever it imitates in the trouts eyes however, it works particularly on dark nights. Sizes 4 - 10

Fuzzy Wuzzy
Art of Fly Fishing Calendars, 1998
© Michael Scheele

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Art of Fly Fishing Calendars, 2006
© Michael Scheele

Fuzzy Wuzzy Variant

Art of Fly Fishing Calendars, 2001
© Michael Scheele

Use Fish with a slow jerky retrieve. It is very good around lake edges when trout come in to feed on dark nights. Best fished just above the bottom and around any weed beds.
Type Wet fly
Represents An imitation of the fresh water crayfish.
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