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Greenwell's Glory trout fly

Description Greenwell's Glory trout fly is a popular old English pattern in green or yellow. It is believed to have originated on the Tweed in the 1850's when Canon William Greenwell asked James Wright to produce a fly that represented the local olivegreen dun found on the local waters. From there it has spread around the world as one of the most enduring and effective patterns. It is produced in both wet and dry variants and there is even a nymph pattern.

Greenwell's Glory dry fly

Greenwell's Glory dry fly

Greenwell's Variant wet fly

Greenwell's Light dry fly
Art of Fly Fishing Calendar, 1998-2007
© Michael Scheele

Type Wet and dry fly
Use Works well when fished to match a mayfly hatch and is particularly effective when used on a warm still summers evening
Represents A general representation of common mayflies though it is general enough to appeal to trout feeding on a range of naturals.
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