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Halfback trout fly

Description The Halfback trout fly is one of the most popluar flies in new Zealand. It is very similar to the Hare and Copper and is often tied in a very rough pattern. It is a good all round pattern that can be used anywhere around the country and on all sorts or waters. It can be weighted or left unweighted. Try to match the size of the fly to the larcal forms in the water you are fishing.



Red-tailed Halfback
Art of Fly Fishing Calendar, 1998-2007
© Michael Scheele

Use Mostly fished by bouncing the nymph along the bottom of the river bed. It can be useful in stillwaters also where it is unk and when a cruisingtrout is passing is given a twitch to induce a take.
Related patterns Hare and Copper Hares ear
Type Nymph
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