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Hamill's Killer trout fly


Hamill's Killer trout fly is a very popular lure that represents a small fish such as a bully.It is also a good fly for harling around weed beds.

Sizes 6 - 10

Hamill's Killer

Hamill's Killer
Art of Fly Fishing Calendar, 1998-2007
© Michael Scheele

Type Wet fly
Use Used mainly for still water fishing though is also effective when wet lining slower river waters. Retrieve with a smooth pull followed by short pauses.
Related flies Mrs Simpson
Represents Both a small fish such as a bully and dragon fly nymphs.

This lure was developed in the 1960’s by Bill Hamill, the founder of Hamill's Sports. it was designed  as a killer fly when fishing Lake Rerewhakaaitu trout.

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