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Hare and Copper trout fly


The Hare and Copper trout fly is New Zealand's best-known nymph and probably the most popular. It is a very simple fly pattern but is arguably the most productive fly in New Zealand. It certainly derserves a place in any anglers box. Sizes vary from around a 10 and go down to an 18 though a 14 size is probably the most popular. Again it is best however to match the size to the water being fished.

Many anglers tie this pattern very roughly and some suggest that the rougher it is tied the more effective it becomes. As an example see the Rough Nymph

Hare and Copper

White's Hare and Copper

Red and Black Nymph
Art of Fly Fishing Calendar, 1998-2007
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Type Nymph
Use This fly is best when allowed to tumbled along the bed of any river. It should be weighted therefore to ensure it gets as close to the bottom as possible.
Represents Caddis and Mayfly nymphs (though is so general it is hard to classify it as a being a true representation of any particular insect)

Flash and Peacock
Hare and Copper Gold Bead

Hares Ear

Rough Nymph

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