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Lacewing / Passionvine Hopper trout fly

Description The Lacewing trout fly (also known as a passionvine hopper, leaf hopper, vine hopper and lace moth) is a small insect found extensively in the latter parts of summer and autumn throughout the North Island and warmer parts of the South Island. While they do not normally need to come near water, the sheer numbers means that many do get blown onto rivers and lakes. And trout love them. Beware however, while trout will actively feed on lacewings for as long as they are present they can be very selective and reject any fly that does meet their expectations. Keep sizes small in the 16 - 20 range.

Art of Fly Fishing Calendar, 1998
© Michael Scheele

Use From late summer drift small imitations down feed lines and especially around any overhanging vegetation.
Type Dry fly
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