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Pheasant Tail trout fly

Description The Pheasant Tail trout fly is one of the most popular nymphs for New Zealand waters. It is an important representation of a mayfly nymph, one of the most important foods for trout. There are a number of different ways it is tied though all have a heavy thorax and a long tail. This is a very important fly to have in any anglers fly box and it is best to also have a number of sizes from 12 - 16 and both weighted and unweighted versions.

Pheasant Tail

Pheasant Tail

Pheasant Tail

Red Pheasant Tail

Dan's Pheasant Tail

Pheasant Tail variant

Flash Belly Pheasant Tail

Pheasant Tail Emerger



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Type Nymph
Use A very widely used fly suitable and effective on most waters. Usually this fly is fished near the river bed and allowed to bounce freely over the stones. If fishing still waters it is best fished around weed beds where the egggs generally hatch.
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Represents The common mayfly nymphs
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