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Rapala spinner


The Rapala spinner is a very popular pattern for both casting (in small sizes) but especially for trolling. It comes in a wide variety of colours and so it is best to check with locals to see what is working best in the area you intend to fish.

Rapala lures come in a huge range of sizes and some even have noise generating steel balls inside that are said to sound like small fish fleeing from a predator when moved through the water.

The regulations in some regions do not allow treble hooks. You will need to replace the treble hooks with a single hook.

Deep bib rapalas for fishing at depth


Shallow trolling rapalas


Rapalas also come with a variety of different actions.

Most have a bib which acts as an aquaplane and so will cause the lure to dive. The bigger the bib the deeper the diving action (and of course the faster the movement through the water the deeper the lure will be forced down).

Others can be used as poppers where they skitter across the water surface like a small fish fleeing a predator.

Type Spinner
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