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Stone Fly trout fly patterns


The Stone Fly is an important part of the trouts diet with there being over 70 different known species to be found in New Zealand waterways. In the larval stage they often resemble a Mayfly nymph but are generally larger and usually have well defined legs. Stone Fly trout fly patterns include green, black and brown stone flies. The Green Stone Fly is the largest and is best tied in sizes 8 - 12 with others in the 10 - 14 range.

Stoneflies should be fished with a dead drift as they are not active insects but do get washed down currents particularly in the faster waters of backcountry streams. The dry fly patterns are less used but are also very attractive to trout as they are larger and provide a good mouthful for the larger fish.


Green Stone Fly (dry)


Steve's Stonefly, Jun 2003

Brown Stone Fly

Olive Stonefly

Art of Fly Fishing Calendar, 1998-2006
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Mainly in backcountry rivers and streams.

Green Stone Fly: Nov-January

Black Stone Fly: Nov-March

Brown Stone Fly: Oct-November and throughout the season

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