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Wulff trout fly patterns


The Wulff trout fly pattern was invented in the 1930's by legendary fisherman Lee Wulff. The most common of the many variants is the Royal Wulff.

Generally a Wulff fly is tied on hooks sizes 8 - 14 and has a large white or grey hackle tied vertically just below the head. This hackle provides excellent visibity for the angler as it bounces down the current and so makes this fly an excellent indicator fly when used in conjunction with a nymph.

Royal Wulff

Rotorua Green Wulff

Royal Hendrickson


Ausable Wulff

Blond Wulff

Gray Wulff

Grizzly Wulff

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Designed originally to imiatate the mayfly, a Wulff fly can also successfully match other insects as it provides a good silhouette. With its body being bound in the middle, it is similar to an an insects thorax and abdomen.

(Note: some English patterns do not divide the body in this way)

Use Wulff pattern flies can be used whenever trout are feeding on or near the surface. It is particulary effective during the summer and autumn and has the abitlity to attract fish throughout the day.
Type Dry fly
See also

Royal Wulff

Ausable Wulff

Blonde Wulff

Brown Wulff

Gray Wulff

Grizzly Wulff

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