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Nov 2012

Take a look at the biggest trout caught for some time... (Nov 16)

Have a look at these great catches... (Nov 1)

Oct 2012

The new season is here so check the regulations....

June 2012

Don't put your rods away yet...

February 2012

The Fishing Season is well under way...

January 2012

How has the fishing season gone to date?

December 2011

And the winning photo is

November 2011

Why use a fishing guide?
Two new products you need to have a look at

October 2011 Six-year-old with 4.1kg Rainbow
Your chance to make a difference
September 2011

Check regulations before opening day (30 Sept)

Time to get your new licence (18 Sept)

The new season is just a month away (1 Sept)

August 2011 Win a night for two at Solitaire Lodge
July 2011 Trophy fishing in the Rotorua lakes
June 2011

Taupo fishery improving for the winter

May 2011

'The Rugby World Cup is coming

April 2011 Introducing our new business partner Tony Houpt
March 2011

The effect of the Christchurch earthquake



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