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nzfishing.com advertising terms and conditions

Preparation of web pages

  • We will write and layout your web page (listing) on nzfishing.com based on information and pictures you provide us with. If you already list on other websites or in printed directories, we can source information from them.
  • We will let you now when your web page has been published so you can check it for accuracy and completeness. You are responsible for ensuring that the information published is accurate and up-to-date.
  • We can use photos from your website or you can send us photos by email or on disk. If you have printed photos you want to use, we suggest you get them scanned at your local photo shop (many shops will then email them for you). We will resize and crop photos as required to fit.
  • If you advise us of changes to your web page (for example, changes to pricing, phone numbers, or the goods and services you offer ) we will make the changes as soon as possible and at least within 3 working days.
  • We will remind you on your annual invoice to check that all information published on nzfishing.com including contact details and prices, are up-to-date.
  • For your protection, all prices published on nzfishing.com will be labelled as indicative pricing and will include a date, e.g. Indicative costs as at 1 Jan 2014. However it is your responsibility to advise us when your prices change.
  • nzfishing.com's reserves the right to accept, decline, cancel or cease listing or advertising any goods or services if in our view the goods or services might damage the good reputation and credibility of the site.

Size of advertisements

  • Photo ads are 180 pixels wide by up to 120 pixels in height. We will crop and resize the photos you send us to this size as necesary. (However photos for your web page can be larger.)
  • A 1-line text label may be included beneath the advertisement

Placement of advertisements

  • All advertisements are placed in the advertising column on the right-hand side of the web page.
  • When users click either the photo ad or the text beneath it, your web page on nzfishing.com displays. Your web page can contain a link to you own external web site if you wish.
  • The placement of advertisements is on a first-come first-served basis: orders booked but not paid for on time may lose the booked position if others want the same position. 
  • You will have first right of renewal of any advertisement (in the same position) for any subsequent year. We may adjust prices depending on demand and the frequency with which the web page is viewed.

Payment terms

  • We will invoice your by email or post depending on your preference.
  • We will invoice you in advance for the year ahead. Payment for listings and advertisements is due within 21 days of invoice. Late payment may result in a lower placement for listings and advertisements or cancellation of your advertsiing with us.
  • You will have first right of renewal of any advertisement (in the same position) for any subsequent year. We reserve the right to adjust prices at the renewal date or if GST or other government taxes chnages or are imposed.



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