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Feedback about nzfishing.com

Feedback from anglers and visitors

I’m a central North Island fisher mainly – so to find a website like this is quite unbelievable. The descriptions of waters/fisheries is quite outstanding and I’ve done research for my travels to 30+ countries and I’ve never been impressed like I am by this site!



I really like your website. I've never seen a website so specific before. It seems as if you have the answer for every question you can imagine.

Finn Skjørbæk


I just want to thank you for being so helpful and also to compliment you on your website.  It is so complete and informative that it is hard to imagine how you put it all together.  It must have taken forever.  You have done a great job and a great service to fishermen who want to fish in New Zealand waters.  



Thank you for the super service.

M Schröttenthaler


The website is great - such a useful resource - thanks for setting it up!

Toby George


I visited your web site earlier and I just wanted to congratulate you on a well presented, and informative website.


you have a great website - thank-you!
Mark Vernon


I wanted to thank you for putting up your impressive and helpful resource page on fly fishing. It was very useful for our members! I've been doing some research on fly fishing for our library and I am blown away by the skill and difficulty of this sport! The talent it requires is astounding, and I certainly admire those who are able to do it - I think the best thing I've ever caught was a sunfish! :)


You are doing a great job looking after all us fishermen.
Luis Gimeno


There is so much info on your site - all the maps, rivers to click on, accommodations, etc. that it really is mind boggling.
Joyce and Dave Quinn


I have spent many hours working my way through your website. It has been a terrific resource, helping me to navigate between the various rivers in the region.
Peter de Boer


You guys have a great site, I love it, and it has excellent topics and info, thanks!!


I visited NZ last year for a fishing trip and found your website invaluable. It is so comprehensive and so easy to navigate. It is far and away the best angling-related site I have visited.
Thanks, Mark

"I am writing to you to say how wonderful I think your website is. The clarity and comprehensiveness are absolutely first-rate, and it is a joy to use. The way you have linked directly to just about anything a fishermen in NZ could possibly want to know makes exploring any topic, be it instruction, accommodation, rules, lures or whatever, like driving a perfectly tuned and perfectly instrumented sports car. Thank you both, for the expertise and the brilliant way in which it is made available to us".

John Mellor, Writer, formerly from the UK, now living in New Zealand

"Just wanted to say nzfishing.com is one of the best websites I've ever seen and used!"
Edward Truter, Outdoor Writer and Photographer, South Africa

Thank you x 10 for really good information. Your site is helping a lot for planning my first trip to NZ.

Kare, Finland

"A brilliant site which I use a lot for scoping out possible fishing spots."


"I keep referring people to your website! Such a great resource for anglers needing details."

Doug Snell, President, Auckland Freshwater Anglers' Club (AFAC)


"I came [to New Zealand] in 2007 and I indulge myself with another trip in January 2010. It's very important for me to congratulate and thank you for all the data and advice you put on nzfishing.com. I'm trully impressed by your mammoth work."



"I use your site regularly. I am off to fly fish all around South Canterbury next week and thanks to your site I have been able to set up well prepared fishing days with AA maps on board as well."

Sherrie, North Island, New Zealand

"Looks to me like you have created the definitive site for any one looking to fly fish in NZ."

Tony, Australia

"The most informative website on fishing in NZ. I have used your site to gather information for my retirement trip this July. Your site is the best!

The documentation of fishing regulations and local stream information has allowed me to prepare for my trip and made me feel comfortable with the gear I need and how to cope with my trip to Turangi. Now, I hope the water is up and the fish are running. Thanks for your help."

Mark, Minnesota, USA

This is a great site and I've used it to plan every fishing trip to NZ.

Boris, NSW, Australia


Love your website. It is just awesome!!

Lynn, New Zealand


"Your website has been an amazing resource in organizing and planning this once in a lifetime trip for my fishing partner and I. "

John Mooney, British Columbia


"Myself and 2 friends are coming to NZ to fish for a week in September and hopefully get some great pictures to take home. I have found your site extremely informative."

Patrick, Victora, Australia


I was looking for maps and info for my upcoming business trip to NZ next week, in which I was hoping to wet a line between meetings. I must compliment you on a very good resource and wonderful web site."

Nelson, NSW, Australia


" I come over to NZ at least twice a year and nzfishing.com helps me plan the trip. I make a travel pack of rivers in the area/s that I will visit. Proved to be excellent infomation. The news section is helpful in understanding things like didymo."

Robert, Victoria, Australia


"I think this site is fantastic! Very handy way to plan and organize a trip away by touching base with this site prior to hitting the water! I find this site user friendly and informative, yea spot on!"

Sam, Canterbury, New Zealand


"I find your site really informational and I appreciate its simplicity and how easy it is to navigate."

Ben, Gisborne, New Zealand


"Great info on local fishing waters which is very useful for when you're trying somewhere new."

Joe, Wellington (student)


"Awesome site - most of my fishing expeditions start with a visit to you're site!!!"

Liam, New Zealand


"One of the best ..and best of all...a kiwi product !

Steve, Whangarei, New Zealand


"Love the site, it is good to have so much information in one place."

Judy, New  Zealand


"Your info on all rivers lakes etcetera was top quality and methods/lures that i have been advised on this site have proved successful."

Ben, New Zealand


"I think your site is maybe the best flyfishing site on the net I am 15 years old and I have learnt so much off it."

Jack, New Zealand


May I again commend you on your site. It is a wonderful resource for something we all love - NZ freshwater fishing.

Ken Sims, Research Officer, New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers (NZFFA)


"I've looked at nzfishing.com and wow what a site it is, the best I've ever seen...I cannot stress how impressed I am..... It only leaves me now to pack my bags and get on the plane...You can be proud of an excellent piece of workmanship."

Stephen Farrow, UK


"I look forward to Sunday where I escape for a few hours reading your articles and imagining I’m out their in the wilderness looking for that elusive brown trout, thanks NZ fishing for my giving dads some time out"

Charles, New Zealand


"What a top website. I'm in the process of planning our November trip to the Nelson region and the information you provide and way it can be accessed is BRILLIANT. As  someone who used to pour over topo maps this site is a dream."

Gil, Canberra Aust


"Congratulations on the standard and presentation of your website – it is one of the very best I have seen anywhere. It demonstrates good design, vision and effort.

Ian Musto, Australia (web consultant)


" By far the most informative and well organized website I have ever been to. I want to thank you for this useful tool".

Jake Ramey, Hawaii (visitor fishing the Motueka)


"What a amazingly valuable resource...the site/info got me so excited I've just been down at lunch time and got a new rod... very much appreciate the advice, tips and locations and doubt I'll ever fish again without a printout from nzfishing.com on me."

John Brennan, Auckland


"It is comprehensive... It is easy to navigate around... All the related links are exactly what you want and provide the right amount of information"

Michael, New Zealand


"Your web site is great, I must have spent a couple of hours in it last night; I feel that I learnt a lot about fishing New Zealand and now can't wait to get over to there even though it is a beautiful 24 degrees here on the Gold Coast at the moment."

Robert Lovitt, Australia


"Lovely clean, well designed site, congratulations"

Les Ladbrook, Southland, New Zealand


"What a website! I was in New Zealand for 5 weeks in January/February 2003. Will probably return for 6 weeks in 2009/2010. A long time to plan, but planning is a nice part of a long holiday. I'll be using your site a lot...Keep up the good work and youll find my IP addresses in your log for years to come."

Jan Koch Nielsen, Denmark


"the best New Zealand freshwater fishing site I have seen on the web"

Malcolm S.


"Great site with heaps of information."

Ian G.


"You are simply fantastic. Thank you so much for all the thoughtful ideas and guidance".

Marty and Kathy Hoerbinger New Hampshire, USA


"I’m an avid fly fisher based in Auckland and am impressed with the progress you’ve made on your site in consolidating a lot of NZ fishing information and resources across New Zealand. There’s always been a wealth of small operators with their own sites and info but no real quality consolidation of info."

Jason Dempsey, New Zealand


"What a great website. It made me wish I was a fisherman. Thank you for including us on there."

Ann Green, Secretary, Lakes Water Quality Society

Travel Agencies

"A very comprehensive informative web site thanks. I will be using this web site for all our NZ trip planning."

Lou Hatton
Flyfish Downunder, Australia

Department of Conservation, Taupo

"It's the first time such a comprehensive collection of national freshwater fishing information has been brought together in one place. I particularly like the fact that the site is being regularly updated as information changes. The level of detail and quality of presentation make this site a must-visit for all anglers."

John Gibbs
Taupo Fishery Area Manager
Department of Conservation

Fish & Game New Zealand

"Very impressive, a wealth of information and easy-to-use.”

Ric Cullinane
Communications and Marketing Manager
Fish & Game New Zealand


"I want to compliment you and the team on your website. I now often direct visitor email enquiries to your site. Keep up the good work."

Chris Tonkin
Manager, West Coast Fish & Game
Fish & Game New Zealand


"The folks at nzfishing.com have put up a nicely organized set of maps and links at their new web site. By using their regional maps, you can access detailed info on specific New Zealand fly fishing waters. If you're scoping out New Zealand for the first time or considering a return trip, it's worth checking out their content."

Marshall Cutchin
MidCurrent (US online fly fishing news, literature and advice)

Feedback from fishing guides

"I am delighted with the job that you have done-superb-- thank you!!!!!

Dennis Ward
Professional Fishing Guide


"You have a gift of making everything you write and describe on your fishing website flow. Fishing the web pages for information is just as good as going fishing. "

"... your site has done well for me as I have received a number of bookings and they have become return clients."

The River Maiden - Marlene Skeet
One Cast Adventures


"Your web site... is by far the best of its type on the web, very informative."

Blair Watson

Feedback from accommodation providers

... a fantastic website... almost all of our visitors booked via nzfishing.com.

Stacey McDonald
Acton Meadows


"Your site is the cat's whiskers with its clear presentation and easy links." (Oct 2006)

"Keep up the good work. nzfishing.com has now become the complete site for all Kiwi freshwater fishos. In December our log indicates 13% of all visits on our website came from nzfishing." (Dec 2008)

Ross Baker
Tongariro River Motel


"Wonderful web page. Thank you for all the hard work. "

Jenny and Mark Roumieu
Karamea Lodge


"I'm impressed The most professional web page we have ever had done."

Pat Ferris
Chalet Pininoa


"The more I look at your website, the more impressed I am with it. I've been raving on to my friends about it. Excellent!"

Nigel Blaikie
Gold 'n Views B&B


"A very smart looking website and very comprehensive."

John Logie
Creel Lodge


"Very efficient and well done, love the text and layout of our page."

Brett Cameron
Central Plateau Fishing

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