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Get Your Own Web Address

If you don't already have your own web address, we can organise one for you that takes people directly to the webpage set up for you on nzfishing.com.
  What is a web address
Your own web address (also called a domain name or URL) is one that includes your business name such as www.yourbusiness.co.nz. You can then have an email address (or addresses) such as yourname@yourbusiness.co.nz. You'll receive all your incoming mail in the one mailbox, no matter how many different addresses you use.
The cost is very reasonable thanks to a special deal made available to nzfishing advertisers by web hosting company Actrix. All fees are paid directly to Actrix.
  Benefits of having your own web address
Having your own domain name is a valuable marketing tool. It adds credibility to your business, makes it easier for people to look you up on the web, and means that people are reminded of your business name whenever they see your email address. You can include your web address on your business card, in brochures and advertisements, and also in your email signature.
  Getting your web address set up

We will work with you to choose a domain name and place the order with Actrix who will then set it up and invoice you directly. You can be sure of great help and support from their helpdesk and support people whenever you need it: Actrix was ranked the second best Internet Service Provider (ISP) in New Zealand in a survey by Consumer magazine in 2006.

If you're interested, please email us or phone Doug on +64 4 976 2799.



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