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Visitor Profiles

The user profiles below offer some insight into how and why local and overseas anglers are using nzfishing.com. nzfishing.com is also being referred to for information by people exchanging news and views in various fly fishing forums round the world, including New Zealand, Australia and the Isle of Man.

See also feedback from site visitors.

Jan Koch Nielsen, Denmark

Jan discovered nzfishing.com through the Fish & Game newsletter. He emailed us saying "What a website! I was in New Zealand for 5 weeks in January/February 2003. Will probably return for 6 weeks in 2009/2010. A long time to plan, but planning is a nice part of a long holiday. I'll be using your site a lot...Keep up the good work and youll find my IP addresses in your log for years to come."

John, Texas, USA

John and his wife are booked on a cruise that will dock in Tauranga on two days in March. They are interested in finding a guide that can pick them up at the dock, take them for a good day's fishing on each day then get them back to the dock in time to get back on the ship. They are spinning rod folks but look forward to learning fly fishing.

Randall, California, USA

Randall has the opportunity to visit the Rotorua area in August. Although it's the off season, he plans to fish the Lake Rotorua area and streams that feed the lake which are still open. He plans to bring with him nice 5 weight Sage rod with floating line and will be utilizing a local guide at some time. Randall wants to know what tackle he should have available for shore fly fishing on Lake Rotorua and Waiteti stream. He would like to purchase online a handful of flies/nymphs/streamers that will work during that time.

Jack, USA

Jack is returning to New Zealand with a friend from the States. Both are amateur anglers who have fished Montana before. They will be staying at a bach in the Taupo area during August and September and want to know what waters are open, where to fish and how to find a day guide in the Taupo area.

Mike and Jill Larsen, Australia

Mike and Jill found Acacia Bay Charters on nzfishing.com and enjoyed a great days fishing in April 2007, catching 11 trout between four people. They really appreciated Jim's pleasant company and knowledge of the area.

Geoff Gidley, UK

Geoff enjoyed some excellent trout fishing experiences in the South Island in March 2007 and is planning to return. He is using nzfishing.com to source information and research fishing in Otago to ensure he is well-informed for his next trip.

Chris Bowman, Australia

Australian Chris Bowman and his wife will be in the South Island for a week in October or November and want to target sea-run trout. They'll probably head for the big braided Rakaia and Rangitata Rivers.

John Brennan, Auckland

John was motivated to plan some North Island fishing trips after discovering nzfishing.com He started planning some fishing trips and headed straight downtime at lunchtime to buy a new rod. See John's feedback.

Jake Ramey, Hawaii

Jake fished the Motueka River during the Christmas holiday period and found nzfishing.com extraordinarily informative and useful. See Jakes's feedback.

Craig Hopcraft, Australia

Craig and his mate are thinking about an Easter fishing trip by chopper into somewhere remote that still has the luxury of a hut to stay in. They are considering the Waipawa, Ruamahunga or Mohaka rivers.

Symon, Australia

Symon used nzfishing.com to find a good river for a beginner to fish between Christchurch and Franz Josef during a road trip via Arthurs Pass in mid January. He may head for Lake Pearson,  the Arnold River or the Broken River.

Mark and friends, Australia

Mark was planning up a 3-4 day fishing trip with a few friends to fish for trout during the spawning runs, perhaps in the Tongariro River . He and his friends are used to fishing with light spin gear using glow bugs and nymphs weighted to suit the conditions, and none of them have ever used fly gear before. Using nzfishing.com he has realised that  there are few river if any rivers where it's possible to fish for big trout during spawning runs using spinning gear, so he has to decide whether to hire fly fishing gear and learn to fly fish, or whether to spin fish some of the back country rivers instead.

Fly fishing forums

In various fly fishing forums around the world, anglers who've discoved nzfishing,com are referring others to it to answer their queries about when and where to fish in New Zealand. These include:

- Australia's Flyfisher Online forum

- Isle of Man Flyfishers forum



Timaru River

Ahuriri River

A back country creek


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