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Rules & regulations

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New Zealand Fishing Rules and Regulations

 Fish & Game sports fishing regulations

Except for the Taupo fishery area, sports fishing for freshwater fish including trout and salmon is managed by Fish and Game New Zealand

  Taupo fishery regulations

Taupo regulations apply to the Taupo fishery area which is managed by the Department of Conservation (DOC).

  Fishing licenses

Fish and Game Licence

A fishing licence required to fish for trout, salmon and other sports fish anywhere in New Zealand. You must purchase and carry a current fishing licence wherever you fish.

A Fish and Game license covers all areas except Taupo. Some South Island rivers also require a special back-country licence.

Licenses for the Taupo fishery area are issued by the Department of Conservation.

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  Bringing equipment into New Zealand

All used freshwater fishing equipment brought into New Zealand must be clean and completely dry, and must be declared on arrival. Read more...

  No felt-soled boots

Replace your felt-soled boots

A ban on the use of felt-soled waders came into effect on 1 October 2008. The ban includes any footwear incorporating or having attached a sole of felted, matted or woven fibrous material.

Felt-soles have also been banned by DOC in the Taupo fishery.

  Check, clean and dry

Moving between waterways

Anglers must always check, clean and dry their equipment when moving items between waterways, including those where didymo has not been detected. Read more...


The Department of Conservation website contains details of:

  Salt water fishing and shell fish collection regulations


See the Ministry of Primary Industires website for marine recreational fishing guidelines and regulations, including the rules for gathering shellfish.

See New Zealand Sea and Saltwater Fishing for more useful info and links.



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