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Regional Sports Fishing Regulations

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Select the region and look for the lake, river or stream in the alphabetical list. If the water is not listed, refer to the general rules at the top of the list.

North Island regulations



Eastern Region /Rotorua


Hawke's Bay



South Island regulations


West Coast

North Canterbury

Central South Island



  If don't know which region...

1. Type the name of the water into the site search.

2. Select the topic about the fishing water.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the regulations that apply.

  Fish & Game regulations booklets

Please also refer to the official Fish & Game regulations booklet supplied with your fishing licence. The two booklets - for the North Island and for the South Island  - can also be viewed online at the Fish & Game New Zealand website:

  Reference to legal description

Reference to Description: New Zealand Gazette, No 83, 24 May 1990, page 1861, as amended by New Zealand Gazette, No 129, 29 August 1991, page 2786.


 Fish & Game contacts

Check the Regulations...

North Island Regulations

South Island Regulations


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