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5 Feb 2019

ECan disputes Fish and Game NZ's unswimmable river levels

Environment Canterbury and Fish and Game New Zealand have contrasting views on the levels of unswimmable rivers in the region...

Timaru Herald
1 Feb 2019

Federated Farmers has accused Fish & Game over survey

Federated Farmers on clean waterways survey: 'Throwing rocks at farming all the time is just not helping'....

Radio NZ
30 Jan 2019

Toxic algae found in the Mataura River

Swimmers and dog owners are being told to avoid Lake Waihola and parts of the Mataura River as the hot weather brings elevated levels of toxic algae..

Otago Daily Times
28 Jan 2019

New Zealanders want tougher rules protecting waterways

More than 80 percent of New Zealanders want tougher rules protecting rivers and lakes from pollution, a new survey has found...

Radio NZ
28 Jan 2019

Kiwis want tougher water quality rules to protect rivers from polluters

Over 80 per cent of New Zealanders want tougher rules to protect rivers, lakes and streams from pollution, a poll has found....

24 Jan 2019

Farmers say "Trout can get stuffed"

Farmers are refusing to buy trout fishing licences in protest against Fish & Game’s political attack on the dairy industry...

Rural News Group
21 Jan 2019

Campaign to prevent spread of unwanted water pests

Whether it's shoes, boats and trailers, or fishing tackles, Hawke's Bay Regional Council is reminding water lovers to clean any gear that's come into contact with fresh water...

Hawkes Bay Today
19 Jan 2019

Mystery surrounds world record trout catch

A "monster" world-record 25kg trout is believed to have been caught in a South Island hydro canal...

NZ Herald
17 Jan 2019

Farmers claim dairy farmers leading charge to clean up water

Tim Mackle, the CEO of DairyNZ, claims that dairy farmers are the ones leading the charge to clean up waterways....

NZ Herald
16 Jan 2019

New Zealand's water quality still dropping says scientist

A freshwater scientist says New Zealand is losing the battle when it comes to water quality...

One News
14 Jan 2019

Freshwater Fish Bill slammed as 'dictatorial' and unnecessary

A Government Bill aimed at better protecting freshwater fish is being slammed as "dictatorial" and unnecessary by the Recreational Fishing Council...

Newstalk ZB
16 Oct 2018

Hatchet Job on Trout and Salmon Hatcheries?

A commissioned NZ Fish and Game report by Nelson’s Cawthron Institute decrying trout and salmon hatcheries has been described as a “hatchet job” by a prominent Canterbury ecologist and river advocate....

Press Release
16 Oct 2018

First time lucky for Rotorua fisherman

Angler wins $10,000 in the Rotorua lakes "fishy lucky dip" has described just how lucky he was to catch the special trout...

NZ Herald
22 June 2018

Claims two-thirds of guides operating illegally

Concerns raised about future of freshwater fishing amid claims two-thirds of guides are operating illegally...

11 June 2018

Alarm over plans to draw large volume of Ruataniwha groundwater

Concerns are growing about the impact requests to take a further 15 million cubic metres of groundwater from the Ruataniwha Plains ...

Hawkes Bay Today
6 June 2018

Agricultural leaders continue to fail New Zealand’s rivers

The Good Farming Practice: Action Plan for Water Quality document released by agricultural industry leaders today contains no concrete action and a fatal flaw say freshwater campaigners...

30 May 2018

Libby Harrison: Water is taonga but we take it for granted

Water is not just the river that you can no longer swim in, it's the groundwater that feeds it, the surface water, storm water, grey, coastal and waste water...

NZ Herald
18 May 2018

Otago Harbour Salmon Fishing Competition

Following the recent success of the Otago Harbour Salmon Fishing Competition, convener John Highton tells about the event and a background to this splendid harbour fishery...

NZ Fishing
9 May 2018

David Parker's waterway plan needs more clarity

Environment Minister David Parker has made water quality his political priority, a move that has put him on a collision course with some in the rural sector...

NZ Herald
9 May 2018

Environment Minister denies he is anti-farming

David Parker has signalled tough new measures that could bring a halt to further dairy farming intensification, but does that make him anti-farming?

The Country
8 May 2018

Agriculture Minister rules out cap on dairy cattle numbers

Agriculture Minister Damien O'Connor​ has denied the Government is pushing to put a cap on New Zealand's dairy cow numbers...

8 May 2018

Pluses and minuses of the dairy industry

The Government's plan to cut pollution and clean up waterways has been labelled an "assault on the regions". Is that a fair assessment...

NZ Farmer
8 May 2018

Majority feel too many cows for waterways to cope

A Horizon opinion poll reveals that 52 percent of Kiwis think there are too many cows for our waterways to cope with...

Horizons Poll
7 May 2018

Simon Bridges 'frustrated' with water plan

National Party Leader Simon Bridges says he is worried the Government's environmental policies haven't been thought through.

The Country
7 May 2018

NZ government says the country has been overrun with cows

New Zealand dairy farmers have a higher number of cows than the environment can sustain, says government minister...

Daily Mail (Australia)
6 May 2018

Regulation for those denying dairy farming causes pollution

The minister for the environment has warned regulations will likely be required for those farmers not willing to improve practices voluntarily...

One News
5 May 2018

Now is the time to spend money on solving our water quality

Never has there been a better time to rethink and refresh the care of our rivers, beaches and drinking water...

The Spin Off
27 April 2018

$55,000 in fines and further warning to industry from Judge

A dairy farming company and an earthworks company have each been convicted and fined for carrying out illegal earthworks...

Environment Waikato
24 April 2018

Fish & Game must retain its strong environmental voice

The voice of Fish and Game New Zealand's chief executive, Martin Taylor, is speaking loudly into the debate about the country's environmental concerns at the moment...

Timaru Herald
24 April 2018

Poacher busted sneaking into trout hatchery in Rotorua

A teen has been fined after getting caught sneaking into the trout hatchery near Rotorua and stealing trophy-sized trout.

Rotorua Daily Post
23 April 2018

Fish and Game faces problem of 'ageing' membership

Fish and Game New Zealand, which represents all of the country's hunters and anglers, has raised concerns about  reduced leisure time, and the changing values of the younger generation...

Timaru Herald
20 April 2018

Council committed to improving native fish migration

Waikato Regional Council is optimistic new national fish friendly guidelines announced this week will improve native fish migration...

Environment Waikato
19 April 2018

Call for cap on tourism numbers in NZ high country

Fish & Game is calling on the Government to curb tourism numbers in the South Island high country, saying the pressure is now so high, it’s harming the environment and Kiwis’ traditional outdoor experiences...

Fish and Game
19 April 2018

Hefty fine for ‘woefully inadequate’ effluent management

A Te Kowhai dairy farmer has been convicted and fined $35,625 in the Hamilton District Court for allowing large volumes of dairy effluent to overflow into the environment...

Environment Waikato
18 April 2018

Cambridge earthworks company fined $19,000

A Cambridge company was convicted and fined $19,125 for sediment discharges into a Tamahere stream near Hamilton...

Environment Waikato
18 April 2018

Govt gives $1.5 million to clean up Lake Tutira

A $1.5 million Government grant has kick-started a four-year project that will accelerate existing efforts to improve water quality in Lake Tutira...

Gisborne Herald
17 April 2018

Hawke's Bay river quality improving overall but much to do

Hawke's Bay residents are being praised for their "boots 'n all" attitude to cleaning up the region's rivers...

NZ Herald
12 April 2018

Fish for winter trout

The winter fishing season started on 1 April 2018 and runs until the end of September...

Fish and Game
10 April 2018

Minister slams the state of our waterways

New Zealand faces big challenges, including a "shocking decline'' in the state of our waterways, Environment Minister David Parker warned yesterday...

NZ Herald
9 April 2018

Major financial boost in efforts to improve Lake Tūtira

A $1.5 million Government grant has started a four-year project that aims to improve water quality and ecological habitat in Lakes Waikōpiro and Tūtira...

Hawkes Bay Regional Council
31 March 2018

Many regions long way from hitting water quality targets

A government report shows many regions are a long way from achieving water quality standards set by the previous government, which were criticised for being too lax...

Radio NZ
30 March 2018

Northland and Auckland found to have dirtiest rivers in NZ

Rivers in Northland and Auckland are the dirtiest in the country - with fewer than one in four suitable for swimming, according to a new report...

Radio NZ
27 March 2018

Ministry appeals to stop another noxious weed outbreak

Three Marimo moss balls are “out there” and the Ministry of Primary Industries wants people to hand them in before another didymo-type biosecurity outbreak happens...

Christchurch Court News
25 March 2018

 'Welcome to Turangi' sign causing strife for Taupo Council

Ross Baker, co-owner of Tongariro River Motel installed a "Welcome to Turangi – Trout fishing capital of the World" sign at Turangi's northern SH1 entrance nearly eight years ago to help tourists find their way...

Waikato Times
23 March 2018

Anglers compete with tourists for prime spots on waterways

There have been heated exchanges on riverbanks as Kiwi anglers compete with tourists...

Stuff Business Day
3 March 2018

Catching a kingi in Golden Bay the jewel in angler's crown

Yellowtail Kingfish (Seriola lalandi lalandi) are absolutely one of New Zealand's most magnificent and sought after sports fish...

Nelson Mail
28 Feb 2018

Kid's Otago fishing competition gets the Blue Light

Clutha boy Josh Harrison loves fishing and with his mother, Detective Sergeant Kate Bartlett, has set up South Otago's first Police Blue Light Fishing Competition...

Southland Times
21 Feb 2018

Cyclone Gita affects upper South Island rivers

Rivers in the Nelson / Golden Bay regions have been badly hit by torrential rain from ex-cyclone Gita....

Nelson Mail
19 Nov 2018

High country is every angler's nirvana

The Canterbury High Country is a magic alpine wonderland of vast inland valleys, high peaks, dry climate and oversize brown trout...

Nelson Mail
1 Feb 2018

Action Needed on Pesticides Wrecking Freshwater Ecosystems

A national trout fishing and environmental advocacy organisation wants urgent attention to insecticides that are almost certainly causing deep damage to freshwater ecosystems...

NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers
31 Jan 2018

Trout Anglers Back PM’s Public Water Ownership

President of the NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers Graham Carter of Hamilton said water was a public resource owned by the people irrespective of wealth or ethnic background...

NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers
30 Jan 2018

Water situation in Southland now “serious”

Environment Southland has assessed the low water situation in Southland as ‘serious’ with the river levels continuing to drop...

Environment Southland
26 Jan 2018

Big Irrigation a blooming bad idea for NZ’s rivers

Greenpeace is warning there’ll be many more toxic algal blooms and rivers drying up around New Zealand if controversial irrigation schemes are allowed to go ahead...

25 Jan 2018

Canterbury Lakes re-open for fishing

Canterbury’s high country lakes have been re-opened to trout angling after they Ministry of Primary Industries gave the all clear...

Fish and Game
24 Jan 2018

Healthy rivers – water quality: where to from here

The Government is pushing ahead with plans to make freshwater standards stricter in a bid to improve water quality...

Press Release: Primary Land Users Group

17 Jan 2018

Fresh start for water quality standards 

The Government is pushing ahead with plans to make freshwater standards stricter in a bid to improve water quality, the Minister for the Environment says...

15 Jan 2018

50 questions about the environment: Our rivers

New Zealand's destiny is inextricably tied to that of its celebrated environment. But our blue and green backyard is now under unprecedented pressure from a wave of pests and human activity...

NZ Herald
7 Jan 2018

Poll reveals lake, river pollution key concern of Kiwis

A Colmar Brunton poll has revealed pollution of lakes and rivers around New Zealand is one of the top two concerns for Kiwis...

NZ Herald
12 Dec 2017

Food for thought on farm practices

A big rethink is needed over the amount of nitrogenous fertiliser being used on New Zealand farms if the country is to clean up its lakes and rivers and maintain its clean, green image...

Otago Daily Times
23 Nov 2017

Trout released into rivers to hook junior anglers

Fish and Game manager Rhys Barrier says the Taylor River and Spring Creek releases were carried out to give anglers of all ages the chance to catch a fish closer to Blenheim...

The Marlborough Express
22 Nov 2017

Dairy NZ must do more to protect the environment

Fish & Game says the dairy sector is a decade late and the industry must act sooner to protect the environment and regain public support...

Fish and Game NZ
22 Nov 2017

Farming leaders still failing New Zealand

Agricultural leaders’ “Dairy Tomorrow” strategy, launched this evening, is a feeble response to the crisis of polluted rivers, lakes and groundwater, says freshwater campaign group Choose Clean Water...

Choose Clean Water
22 Nov 2017

DairyNZ’s latest water plan a “gutless betrayal”

“The dairy leadership is betraying New Zealanders with their cynical PR spin.” says Greenpeace campaigner Gen Toop....

21 Nov 2017

Fonterra launches charm offensive on water quality

Fonterra has stepped up its efforts to improve water quality while launching a charm offensive and television campaign to showcase how farmers have upped their game...

Otago Daily Times
20 Nov 2017

Toxic algae found in the mid-Mataura river

Monitoring carried out by Environment Southland has detected potentially toxic algae in shallow areas/edges of the mid-Mataura river...

Environment Southland
16 Nov 2017

Last-ditch effort to save wild salmon population

Anglers and freshwater experts have come together for a last-ditch effort to save New Zealand's wild salmon population...

Timaru Herald
16 Nov 2017

Our rivers need more than empty headlines from Fonterra

Fonterra has launched a "plan" to clean up New Zealand’s waterways but Greenpeace says the dairy giant has failed to address the cow in the room...

15 Nov 2017

Stocks boosted after 'live trout truck' visits Ōtaki

One-hundred rainbow and brown trout now call Ōtaki River home after Fish and Game New Zealand's "live trout truck" paid a visit last Saturday...

Stuff environment
11 Nov 2017

National Portrait: Retiring Fish & Game boss Bryce Johnson

How do you fill your first week of retirement after 37 years of agitating and advocating? If you're Fish & Game boss Bryce Johnson, you spend a...

Stuff environment
8 Nov 2017

Stricter river flows likely to stay in Tukituki catchment

The deadline to meet new minimum flow and allocation limits under its plan change for the Tukituki catchment is unlikely to be extended...

The Country
7 Nov 2017

Greenpaece sets Fonterra’sa challenge for NZ rivers

The giant dairy co-op says it wants to play a positive role in cleaning up waterways. To test that pledge, the government must urgently change the rules...

The Spin-Off
6 Nov 2017

Rural Hawke's Bay 'let down' over water restrictions

The Central Hawke's Bay community has been "let down" over their appeal for more time to find solutions ahead of restrictive water takes, the district's mayor says...

NZ Herald
6 Nov 2017

Cows not the only dirty things finding their way into rivers

OPINION: I don't think rivers were ever intended to be swum in by humans. It's not what Mother Nature intended...

NZ Farmer
4 Nov 2017

Fish & Game wants guides licensed

The Otago Fish and Game Council has vowed to keep fighting for the licensing of fishing guides...

Otago Daily Times
3 Nov 2017

National trout fishing competition reeling in entries

The 12th annual Ray White Clubs New Zealand National Trout Fishing Tournament is set to be bigger and better than ever before...

Rotorua Daily Post
27 Oct 2017

Sea-run Trout in the Shag, Clutha, Toko and Taieri Rivers

Sea run trout still a feature on some southern waters...

Fishing News
26 Oct 2017

Water: The great divide between townies and farmers

The last election saw water become a highly contentious issue that highlighted many areas that need addressing...

NZ Farmer
26 Oct 2017

Salmon symposium calls for teamwork

The declining population of wild salmon in South Island rivers has prompted Fish and Game to call a summit of experts, scientists and anglers....

20 Oct 2017

Strong turnout to Effluent Expo

More than 500 farmers have attended this year’s Effluent Expo in the Waikato, with many investing in water, effluent storage and application infrastructure...

Environment Waikato
11 Oct 2017

Plea to delay minimum river flow in Tukituki catchment

Water users from Central Hawke's Bay have appealed for the introduction of minimum river flows in the Tukituki catchment to be delayed, fearing the 'severe' impact they will have...

Hawkes Bay Today
10 Oct 2017

Most river pollution comes from streams that won't be fenced

Most of New Zealand's river pollution comes from streams that would be exempt from waterway fencing rules, new research shows...

NZ Farmer
7 Oct 2017

Junior trout anglers learn the ropes at Tarawera's

Younganglers learn the skills needed for trout fishing on Lake Tarawera on opening day...

Stuff: Life and Entertainment
5 Oct 2017

Rethink needed on waterway fencing requirements

New research on keeping stock out of rivers and streams requires an urgent and radical rethink of the current national riparian fencing strategy, according to Fish & Game...

Fish & Game
30 Sept 2017

Christchurch fisherman starts 68th consecutive trout season

Christchurch man Walter Keenan bought his first trout fishing licence in his early 20s and has just received his 68th consecutive licence...

Christchurch Press
26 Sept 2017

River 'raking' a damaging practice?

Fred Nichol believes the policy of the extensive river raking is the cause of the decline in fish habitat and ultimately fish numbers...

The Country
26 Sept 2017

Anglers reminded to update fishing licence

Anglers eagerly anticipating the start of the new freshwater fishing season are being reminded not to forget the most important accessory of all - their licence...

Rotorua Daily Times
26 Sept 2017

Leadership, not fear-mongering, needed over waterways

When it comes to cleaning up our waterways and protecting the environment from further harm, some sectors of the farming community fear any change to what they are doing...

NZ Herald
24 Sept 2017

Water quality to remain an issue under new Government

Water became one of the most divisive issues in the 2017 general election campaign, erupting into an unpleasant spat between urban and rural interests...

Stuff Environment
22 Sept 2017

Peters won't support Labour plans for water taxes

New Zealand First's policy towards the primary sector and water is to not support any of Labour's proposed water taxes...

Otago Daily Times
20 Sept 2017

Report gives 'interesting perspective' on Southland's rivers

More than 15 southern waterways appear on a list of rivers "lost or in noticeable decline" as public trout fisheries...

Southland Times
19 Sept 2017

Focus on swimmable rivers, exporting water this election

Clean rivers are a priority for politicians and election 2017 has put the pressure on the major parties to explain what they will do to provide clean swimmable rivers...

Otago Daily Times
18 Sept 2017

Labour leader attempts to ease farmers concerns

Jacinda Ardern attempted to calm major farmer over Labour's proposed water royaltyprotest in her hometown of Morrinsville...

Waikato Times
17 Sept 2017

CORANZ Rates Political Parties On Outdoors policies

NZ First ranks as the political party most attuned to New Zealanders love of outdoor recreation and the environment, while National ranks bottom equal with the Maori Party...

CORANZ press release
11 Sept 2017

Quarter of Kiwis disagree NZ is clean, green - survey

More than a quarter of Kiwis don't think New Zealand lives up to its "100% pure" tourism brand...

Otago Daily Times
9 Sept 2017

Penalise abusers, not users, of water

Central Otago Mayor Tim Cadogan considers that those that cause the problems with water should pay, not the everyday user....

Stuff opinion
9 Sept 2017

Waitaki River ‘lost’ designation rejected

Waitaki Riparian Enhancement Society president Trevor Hill this week rubbished the suggestion the Waitaki River had degraded to a point where it could not support fish...

Otago Daily Times
8 Sept 2017

New water battle looming in Hawke's Bay 

In the wake of the failed Ruataniwha Dam proposal a new dispute over water in Hawke's Bay is erupting...

Stuff Environment
7 Sept 2017

Arrests made at Greenpeace irrigation dam occupation

After eight hours occupying the Central Plains Waters’ irrigation dam nine people have been arrested...

Greenpeace Press Release
6 Sept 2017

Council moves on from the Ruataniwha Scheme

Hawke's Bay Regional Council voted at its full meeting last month to "move on" from the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme after five years of controversy...

The Country
3 Sept 2017

Green Party unveils plan for healthy rivers

The Green Party will put a nitrate pollution levy on dairy farmers to pay for the clean-up of the country's rivers...

NZ Herald
3 Sept 2017

'Farming doesn't pollute rivers' - Federated Farmers rep

A Federated Farmers spokesperson has claimed farming has no effect at all on water quality in New Zealand...

1 Sept 2017

Election issue: The battle over our rivers

The alarming state of New Zealand's lakes and rivers has predictably dominated the environment space in the run-up to this election...

NZ Herald
1 Sept 2017

Council writes off $14m in failed Ruataniwha dam project

Hawke's Bay Regional Council's decision to write-off $14 million spent trying to develop an irrigation scheme for the Ruataniwha Plains doesn't mean the project won't be built...

NZ Farmer
31 Aug 2017

When taking water hurts our fish life

Dr John Hayes has been trying to explain to decision-makers why flow rates and limits are so crucial for the survival of species like trout...

NZ Herald
30 Aug 2017

Majority of Kiwis back water tax 

There is overwhelming support for a water tax in New Zealand even if it means higher costs for consumers, a new poll shows...

NZ Herald
30 Aug 2017

Council expects to dump Ruataniwha Dam

The Hawke's Bay Regional Council is today expected to pull its support for the controversial Ruataniwha water storage scheme...

Radio NZ
29 Aug 2017

End on the cards for Ruataniwha Dam

The end is near for the controversial Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme - with the council behind it choosing to focus on other priorities...

Hawkes Bay Today
27 Aug 2017

Is the 2017 the environment election?

This year's election is shaping up to be the one about protecting our environment...

Stuff politics
25 Aug 2017

Effluent discharges result in $49,000 fine for farmers

Two Waikato farming enterprises have been convicted and fined a total of $49,000 for unlawful discharges of dairy effluent...

Waikato Regional Council
24 Aug 2017

Tourism backs Water Conservation Order for HB rivers

Granting a Water Conservation Order for the Ngaruroro and Clive Rivers would benefit the tourism industry as well as protect the rivers, Tourism Industry Aotearoa says...

Press Release: Tourism Industry Aotearoa
24 Aug 2017

New technologies helping clean up NZ's waterways

New Zealand farmers and companies are starting to use Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, data analytics and automation to decrease impact on New Zealand rivers...

Press Release
24 Aug 2017

Nation's farming leaders reject notion of too many cows

A farmer's group is rejecting the notion that reducing the national dairy herd is the most effective way to make New Zealand rivers more swimmable...

Timaru Herald
21 Aug 2017

Trout and salmon licences go on sale

Freshwater anglers eagerly anticipating the start of the new trout and salmon fishing season can now get their hands on a Fish & Game 2017-18 licence...

Rotorua Daily Times
18 Aug 2017

Taxing our water

Labour has declared it will implement a royalty on the commercial consumption of water to assist with the cost of keeping New Zealand’s water clean...

Otago Daily Times
18 Aug 2017

Government must come clean on water

News that the National Government is secretly working behind closed doors on its own water charging schemes shows their utter hypocrisy on this issue, says Labour’s water spokesperson David Parker...

Labour party press release
17 Aug 2017

Dairy boom pits New Zealand tourism against agriculture

The rapid expansion of NZ'sdairy industry threatens to pit the nation’s No 2 export, tourism, against dairy, its No 1...

The Australian Business Review
12 Aug 2017

Labour wants royalty on commercial freshwater use

Jacinda Ardern is promising farmers that a Labour Party proposal to charge for freshwater will be fair and will be uised to help clean up rivers....


NZ Herald
11 Aug 2017

Call to include Taupo under Fish and Game

The Outdoors Party will seek to change management of the Taupo Fishery from the Department of Conservation to Fish and Game say Outdoors Party...

Outdoors Party press release
10 Aug 2017

Farmers pay to irrigate under Labour's freshwater policy

Water bottling companies and farmers operating irrigation schemes will pay royalties under Labour's new freshwater policy...

Stuff Politics
9 Aug 2017

Orvis range now available in New Zealand

Kilwell has announced the release of the popular Orvis range of freshwater fishing gear to the NZ market...

Kilwell Press release
8 Aug 2017

Government pledges $44m to clean up NZ waterways

The cash will fund the fencing of waterways from farm animals, planting along streams, development of wetlands, sewage reticulation and water storage...


5 Aug 2017

Waterways under pressure

Water quality — and quantity — underpin two of our most important industries, tourism and agriculture but are under severe prissure from pollution....

Otago Daily Times
28 July 2017

Pursuing Ruataniwha "flogging a dead horse"

Napier councillor Neil Kirton said the council needed to begin exploring alternative water storage strategies....

Hawkes Bay Today
19 July 2017

Pressure on as Freshwater Rescue Plan gains support

The campaign for better water quality is continuing to gather support, with organisations representing half a million members and supporters now backing the recently launched Freshwater Rescue Plan...

Scoop politics
18 July 2017

Ruataniwha Decision Wide-Reaching

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn a land swap deal to enable the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme has much greater consequences than solely dealing yet another blow to the ailing dam project...

18 July 2017

Dairy effluent discharges result in large fines

A farmer and a family company have been convicted and fined a total of $65,750 for unlawful discharges of dairy effluent on two Waikato farms...

Environment Waikato
17 July 2017

Water ownership key election issue

In the 2017 election, the question of how to protect our fresh water is proving particularly instructive - and divisive.

NZ Herald
13 July 2017

Ruataniwha dam project 'dead' after court decision

The Ruataniwha dam has been declared dead in the water by the council that has spent millions of dollars developing it...

NZ Farmer
12 July 2017

Council set to "put things on hold" for Ruataniwha

Moves to prepare for the shelving of the controversial Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme could be taken by the Hawke's Bay Regional Council...

Hawkes Bay Today
9 July 201

Local Iwi oppose Govt's planned Ruataniwha law change

Ngāti Kahungunu will oppose any proposed law changes that would see protected land be used in commercial ventures...

Maori Television
7 July 2017

Challenging the court's Ruataniwha decison "arrogant"

The Supreme Court ruled that the Conservation Minister's attempt to swap protected conservation land for farmland to make way for the Ruatinwha dam reservoir was not legal...

Radio NZ
6 July 2017

Government may change law after court Ruataniwha ruling

The Government has signalled it is prepared to change the law to overturn a Supreme Court ruling that conservation land cannot be grabbed by developers...

NZ Farmer
6 July 2017

Conservation land can't be destroyed for dam

The Supreme Court has ruled protected conservation land cannot be destroyed for the Ruataniwha Dam...

Radio NZ
30 June 2017

Freshwater strategy designed to tackle big issues

A new Waikato Regional Council freshwater strategy designed to tackle significant pressures on water availability and quality in the region has been signed off today by councillors...

Waikato Regional Council
30 June 2017

New Zealand's favourite freshwater fishing spot revealed

The most popular freshwater fishing spot in New Zealand has been revealed, and it's not Lake Taupo...

Newshub TV3
29 June 2017

Murky prognosis for freshwater health

Despite work done by landowners and the government, the state of many waterways is still in decline...

Radio NZ
29 June 2017

'River first' strategy for Ruataniwha Dam in the works

At a council meeting incoming chairman Chris Tremain told councillors they were developing a "River First" strategy to deliver on new environmental standards for the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme...

NZ Herald
22 June 2017

Rule changes to fishery caused by too many trout

The Taupo trout fishery is thought to be overstocked, preventing trout from growing to a very large size. To counter the problem the bag limit is being increased and the size limit is being reduced...


DOC Taupo
20 June 2017

There are too many trout in Lake Taupo.

Department of Conservation fishery manager Dave Conley says over the past decade there has been a slight downward trend in size and quality, which would point to a high trout population...

5 June 2017

No green light, but some progress on Ruataniwha Dam

Two new conditions will have to be met before the Ruataniwha project can receive an $80 million ratepayer-funded investment, the Hawke's Bay Regional Council agreed yesterday...

The Country
29 May 2017

Healthy Rivers submissions available online

Just over 1000 submissions made on Healthy Rivers/Wai Ora: Proposed Waikato Regional Plan Change 1 are now available to be read online...

Environment Waikato
27 May 2017

Ruataniwha Dam: Accountability is getting it right

There's a fair chance the decsion regarding the proposed Ruataniwha water storage scheme will be postponed...

NZ Herald
12 April 2017

State of waterways gone past tipping point

The state of some of the country's waterways have gone beyond a tipping point, according to a report from the Prime Minister's chief scientist...

Radio NZ
28 March 2017

Trout Fishing Federation Opposes Tradeable Water Rights

Charging for water should not open the door to tradeable water rights says the NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers...

 NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers
23 March 2017

Whanganui River legally recognised as a "person"

The Whanganui River will become an legal entity and have a legal voice under a preliminary agreement signed between Whanganui River iwi and the Crown...


NZ Herald
23 March 2017

Group enjoys fly-fishing retreat

Ten women whose lives have been profoundly affected by breast cancer came together recently for a special weekend retreat at Wharepapa South's Castlerock...

The Country
20 March 2017

Labour demands clean up of rivers aand lakes

"Our rivers are part of our culture, part of our heritage and identity. We need to get them back to a fit state so we, and future generations, can enjoy them", says Andrew Little...

Hawkes Bay Today
16 March 2017

Proposed water quality measures don't cover streams

North Shore's streams and rivers are not required to meet any standard for human health and safety...

Forest and Bird press release
15 March 2017

Swiss angler found safe near Arthur's Pass

A Swiss man thought to be missing for a week near Arthur's Pass has been found safe near Mount White and left to continue his fishing trip...

14 March 2017

South Cantabrians rally in Timaru over water quality concerns

As well as in Timaru there were rallies at 19 centres around the country, all seeking to convince the Government to maintain high water quality standards...

Timaru Herald
14 March 2017

Over 1000 submissions on Healthy Rivers

Waikato Regional Council has received just over 1000 submissions on Healthy Rivers/Wai Ora: Proposed Waikato Regional Plan Change...

Waikato Regional Council
14 March 2017

Fifteen regions rally for clean water

Fifteen Save Our Water rallies are happening across New Zealand on Tuesday at 12pm, in line with a petition being received by Green MP Catherine Delahunty in Parliament...

Manawatu Standard
13 March 2017

Cyanobacteria found in two Southland rivers

Environment Southland has found high abundance of benthic cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) at the Hamilton Burn around Affleck Road and the Upukerora River../.


Environment Southland
6 March 2017

Dairy effluent discharges result in large fines

A farmer and a family company have been convicted and fined a total of $65,750 for unlawful discharges of dairy effluent on two Waikato farms...

Environment Waikato
30 Jan 2017

New Zealand should learn from European lesson on rivers

Agricultural scientist says New Zealand should learn from European lesson to clean up our rivers...

Dominion Post
27 Jan 2017

Sustainable farming systems will lead to cleaner rivers

Pastoral agriculture, dairy farming and intensive sheep and beef and arable farming are the major contributors to declining water quality in New Zealand over the last 25 years..

26 Jan 2017

TDC criticised for failing to hear community’s river concern

The Tasman District Council has been sharply criticised for its plan to allow even more water to be taken from the Motueka River, despite widespread community opposition...

Fish and Game
19 Jan 2017

Public frustration about dirty rivers spilling over

Greenpeace says a $40,000 attack on a farmer’s irrigation machinery could be a sign of overwhelming public frustration about polluted rivers...

17 Jan 2017

'Poor' season for Rangitata River salmon fishery

Peter Ritchie who has been visiting the same spot for 40 years thinks the fishing at Rangitata has declined due to the new irrigation ponds..


Fish and Game
17 Jan 2017

Despite water levels dropping irrigators escape bans

Although water levels are dropping in rivers and streams across the Hawkes Bay region, and groundwater levels in the aquifers are well below normal, total irrigation bans are not on the horizon yet...

Hawkes Bay Today
11 Jan 2017

Greenpeace calls on the Dairy Industry to come clean

Greenpeace claims Dairy NZ is making a cynical attempt to distract New Zealanders fromthe fact that they plan to push the national dairy herd to record numbers...

Greenpeace press release
5 Jan 2017

Wainuiomata wins river awar

Wainuiomata River has been named as Wellington region's most improved in the annual New Zealand River Awards...

5 Jan 2017

Our freshwater health crisis - intervention urgently needed

Laurel Tierney reports that many lakes and rivers over the past 45 years have moved beyond the intensive care stage and are in crisis...

15 Dec 2016

Supreme Court to hear Ruataniwha Dam appeal

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal on whether the Ruataniwha irrigation project can go ahead in Hawke's Bay...

Radio NZ
11 Dec 2016

1080 rained down on us and river, says fishing guide

Scott Murray fishing guide of Murchison's River Haven Lodge says he and wealthy American clients were hit by 1080 pellets on a West Coast river ...

Nelson Mail

1 Dec 2016

Salmon die suddenly after being released for kids event

A children's fishing day has gone belly up after a run of salmon died just minutes after being released into a Blenheim river...

The Marlborough Express
1 Dec 2016

Moratorium sought over Ruataniwha Dam plans

The Hawke's Bay Regional Council has requested its investment company HBRIC place a moratorium on the Ruataniwha Dam until a review of the scheme is complete...

Radio NZ
29 Nov 2016

Key supporter of Ruataniwha Dam resigns

Andy Pearce has resigned as the chair of the Hawke's Bay Regional Council's investment company HBRIC, which is developing the $900 million water storage project...


Radio NZ
28 Nov 2016

Rotorua streams known for ‘trophy brown trout’ set to open

Anglers are gearing up to target some of New Zealand’s “biggest wild trout” as some renown Rotorua streams open for summer...

Eastern Fish and Game

22 Nov 2016


Two politicians state support for Ruataniwha dam

CHB's top two local body politicians have reiterated their strong support for the Ruataniwha Dam, which is under a cloud following Hawke's Bay Regional Council's recent decision to pause and commission a review of the project...

Hawkes Bay Today
14 Nov 2016

Anglers urged to ‘stay away’ from Clarence River

Anglers are asked to avoid the Clarence River downstream of the gorge following the recent North Canterbury earthquakes...

Fish and Game NZ
11 Nov 2016

New recreational activities bring increased risk of didymo

New recreational activities, like pack rafting, have increased the risks of didymo spreading to Southland waterways...

9 Nov 2016

Review of Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme

The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council has agreed to commission an independent review of the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme...

Hawkes Bay Regional Council
3 Nov 2016

Community group win 2106 NZ Rivers Award

The Waitao-Kaiate Care Group has planted more than 20,000 native trees along the banks of the river and cleaned up the once polluted Waitoa River and have been awarded the New Zealand Rivers Award...

10 Oct 2016

Ruataniwha moratorium echoed by new council majority

New Hawke's Bay Regional councillors have not even been inducted yet , changes are on the cards for the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme...

NZ Herald
18 Aug 2016

NZ's whitebait and long-fin eel stocks in danger

New research suggests that long and short-fin eels, and whitebait stocks, could be all gone by 2050 because of water quality and commercial over-fishing...

16 Aug 2016

Didymo directly affects freshwater fish: new study

Fish and trout in particular are affected both directly and indirectly by didymo blooms with the biomass of fish present in didymo affected waters decreasing by up to 70%...

University of Canterbury
11 Aug 2016

Eric Clapton catches record-size salmon in Iceland

Eric Clapton, also known as “Slowhand,” is one of the greatest musicians of all time. Turns out he is just as good with a fly rod as he is with a guitar...

Outdoor hub
2 Aug 2016

How didymo affects fish numbers

Although didymo has been in NZ waters since 2004 it is only now that we have hard scientific evidence of its terrible impact on fish numbers, size and condition...

21 July 2016

Just NZ$398,000 for the ultimate fishing accessory

For just under NZ$400,000 you ccan own what has been described by its designers as the ultimate fishing accessory...

Stuff motoring
16 July 2016

Can Didymo be controlled

Research by a Kiwi and two Canadian scientists has the potential to be the silver bullet we have been looking for to control and possibly remove didymo from our waters...

4 July 2016

Stream water should be drinkable - Maori Party

The government has been put on notice that a so-called 'wadeable' freshwater standard is not good enough for Māori...

Radio NZ
29 June 2016

Protestors take anti-Ruataniwha dam message to council

About 40 opponents of the planned Ruataniwha dam staged a protest outside Hawke's Bay Regional Council's Napier headquarters...

NZ Farmer
29 June 2016

Managed aquifer recharge gives hope for water quality

A ground breaking initiative to improve declining water quality in New Zealand rivers was launched in Mid Canterbury last month...

NZ Farmer
25 June 2016

Fears raised for access to trout river

Otago Fish and Game Council chief executive Niall Watson said the present plans for public access were woefully inadequate on the Pomohka River...

Radio NZ
25 June 2016

Environmental groups protest Ruataniwha dam

Protesters will gather at the Hawke's Bay Regional Council this Wednesday to "register their distaste" with the processes surrounding the Ruataniwha dam...

Hawkes Bay Today
18 June 2016

Ratepayers' Ruataniwha dam stake under threat

Regional ratepayers could lose 20 per cent of their investment in the Ruataniwha dam within the first five years if it goes ahead...

NZ Herald
17 June 2016

Fish left without food by flow levels

The Cawthron Institute study found flow levels in rivers were almost twice as low as they should be, and too much water was being syphoned off for farm irrigation...

Radio NZ
13 June 2016

Foreign fishing guide tensions mount

More foreign fishing guides are taking advantage of New Zealand's unregulated industry and "dominating'' Southern rivers for financial gain, Fish & Game Otago says...

Otago Daily Times
12 June 2016

Councillor seeks exemption over dam decision making

The Auditor-General has been called on to investigate Hawke's Bay Regional Councillor Debbie Hewitt's alleged pecuniary conflict of interest in the Ruataniwha dam...

NZ Herald
6 June 2016

Green Party tags Mataura River as one to clean up

The Mataura River is one of 10 in New Zealand the Green Party has pegged to clean up and make safe for swimming...

Southland Times
5 June 2016

Green Party launches water campaign to clean up rivers

"New Zealand needs a government to back our rivers, and to stop defending polluters," says the Green Party....

Radio NZ
29 May 2016

Trout poaching case polarises NZers

A recent case of trout poaching has polarised opinion on social media and exposed how big the cultural divide still is in New Zealand...

27 May 2016

$100 million a 'drop in the bucket' for freshwater

A $100 million fund set aside to clean up waterways has been labelled an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff...

27 May 2016

Ruataniwha dam project before Court of Appeal

Forest & Bird is appealing against a High Court ruling that approved a land swap between the Department of Conservation (DoC) and Hawke's Bay Regional Council to enable the dam to be built...

Radio NZ
26 May 2016

New $100m fund to improve water quality

A new fund of $100 million of operating funding over 10 years will support initiatives to clean up New Zealand’s rivers, lakes and aquifers, Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith says...

Press Release: NZ Government
20 May 2016

Second man jailed for trout poaching

A man jailed for his involvement in large-scale trout poaching sends a strong message the courts take the offence seriously, Fish and Game says...

Radio NZ
12 May 2016

Winter fishing mooted for Lake Mahinerangi

A popular fishing spot, Lake Mahinerangi, could be opened to anglers during the winter season...

Otago Daily Times
11 May 2016

Dry fly faith on a New Zealand lake

Gary Lewis describes how a cheese sandwich lands a brown trout on Lake Hawea in New Zealand...

The Bulletin
11 May 2016

Call for commission to save NZ water

Environmentalist and academic Dame Anne Salmond is calling for a waterways commission to urgently take charge of the country's water, warning that killing the waterways would be dangerous for society and the economy...

Radio NZ
4 May 2016

Dam protest in Wellington

Six tonnes of dairy sewage has been dumped in the middle of Wellington in a protest by Greenpeace against the Ruataniwha Dam scheme...

Hawkes Bay Today
3 May 2016

Convicted water polluters now own NZ farm

It's been revealed foreigners with a criminal history of polluting waterways now own a pristine piece of Taranaki farm land...

27 April 2016

Enough demand for Ruataniwha Dam to proced

Enough farmers and interested parties have expressed interest in the controversial Ruataniwha Dam to make it viable...

27 April 2016

Doomed Ruataniwha Scheme should be ditched by Council

The Ruataniwha irrigation scheme looks doomed, and Hawke’s Bay Regional Council should ditch it at tomorrow’s (Wednesday) council meeting, says Greenpeace today...

Greenpeace New Zealand press release
25 April 2016

Water is too valuable to squander

Anne Salmond argues that income from water use must be used to preserve sources and not be captured by private interests...

NZ Herald
22 April 2016

Editorial: Dam project struggling to hold water

Promoters of the Ruataniwha Dam have yet to confirm whether enough farmers to sign up to buy water to justify the investment...

NZ Herald
22 April 2016

Change to Taupo fishing regulations process

Fishing conditions developed by the Taupo Fishery Advisory Committee such as daily bag and fish size limits, to be approved solely by the Minister of Conservation...

Government press release
21 April 2016

Council lowers Ruataniwha water buy

The Central Hawke's Bay Council has struck a blow to the Ruataniwha dam water uptake by purchasing significantly less than it originlly intended to...

Hawkes Bay Today
20 April 2016

Groundwater levels declining in Hawke's Bay aquifers

A new study has uncovered a trend of declining groundwater levels in some areas of the Heretaunga and Ruataniwha Basins...

Hawkes Bay Today
18 April 2016

Important deadline for contentious Ruataniwha Dam

The company behind the beleaguered Ruataniwha Dam has no intention of revealing whether it has met its vital water uptake target...

Hawkes Bay Today
13 April 2016

Dam's cost jumps to more than $900m

The cost of the Ruataniwha water storage project in Hawke's Bay has jumped 50 percent and is approaching the billion dollar mark...

Radio NZ
12 April 2016

ACC stay silent on Ruataniwha dam

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) is refusing to confirm or deny whether it will be investing in the Ruataniwha dam in the Hawke's Bay...

Radio NZ
6 April 2016

Clean your gear to keep didymo out of Milford rivers

Trampers and rivers users on the Milford Track are urged to clean their gear before entering the area to prevent didymo being introduced to the Clinton River...

DOC press release
5 April 2016

Water sale deadline looms for Ruataniwha Dam

Farmers considering buying water from the proposed Ruataniwha Dam have about two weeks to make their decision whether the controversial $600 million scheme proceeds...

Radio New Zealand
3 April 2016

Lakes offer good trout fishing refuge

There are 3,820 lakes in NZ with a surface area more than one hectare providing a superb fishing resource....

Nelson Mail
26 March 2016

Closure of the Winter Eastern Zone in North Canterbury

The stated objective for the urgent closure of the winter fishery in North Canterbury Fish & Game’s Eastern Zone is to highlight environmental problems...

Fish and Game
23 March 2016

Milestone reached on Waikato and Waipa rivers restoration

A major milestone has been reached on the journey to restore and protect the Waikato and Waipa waterways over the next 80 years...

Environment Waikato Press Release
22 March 2016

Why Do Anglers Go All the Way to New Zealand?

This stunning video by an American attempts to explain why anglers make the long haul to the other side of the world to fish for trout in New Zealand... 

Field and Stream
22 March 2016

Fly-fishing for men diagnosed with cancer

Reel Recovery is a fly fishing retreat for men with cancer where the participants do not pay for the weekend away, only the cost to get to the location is required...

Waikato Times
18 March 2016

Forest and Bird targets Ruataniwha dam ruling

The $600 million Ruataniwha dam project faces yet another hurdle as Forest and Bird appeals against a ruling from the High Court...

Radio New Zealand
16 March 2016

Actor Michael Keaton fly-fishes unnoticed in Murchison

Oscar-winning actor Michael Keaton stayed at River Haven Lodge in Murchison and spent several days fishing, fine-dining and revelling a rare spot of anonymity...

15 March 2016

Governments Need To Value Outdoor Recreation

Author of hunting and fishing books Tony Orman of Marlborough has hit out at governments for their lack of respect for the outdoors and the environment...

Tony Orman press release
15 March 2016

Troutfishing Lobby Backs River Protection Calls

The NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers, has backed calls by the Tourism Industry, the Environmental Defence Society and Department of Conservation to safeguard public rivers.

NZFFA press release
12 March 2016

ACC shouldn’t prop up Ruataniwha Dam

The Green Party is calling on the ACC Fund to not invest public money in the Ruataniwha dam...

Green party press release
10 March 2010

New type of didymo found in Connecticut

In the US the state of Connecticut has announced the discovery a new species of microscopic didymo...

Connecticut Post
6 March 2016

Tourists flee NZ after being caught fishing illegally

Increasing numbers of freedom campers are fishing illegally in lakes and rivers, with some fleeing the country before they can be prosecuted...

Stuff NZ
4 March 2016

Hawkes Bay Council defends investing in dam

There will be no conflict of interest if the regional council decides to sign up as a water user in the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme, says HBRIC chief executive Andrew Newman...

Hawkes Bay Today
3 March 2016

Labour backs buy-in inquiry on council backing of dam

The Labour Party has thrown its weight behind four regional councillors who called for the Auditor-General to investigate the $43.1 million-dollar buy-in to the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme...

Hawkes Bay Today
2 March 2016

Ratepayers committed 'in principle' to $43m dam buy-in

The regional council has committed ratepayers "in principle" to a $43.1 million buy-in to the Ruataniwha dam, $8 million more than was originally reported...

Hawkes Bay Today
29 Feb 2016

Otago salmon fishing contest a great success

Fishingat the Otago Harbour Salmon Fishing competition saw the heaviest salmon caught weighed in at 9.5kg by Dave Taylor of Mataura...


Otago Daily Times
29 Feb 2016

Lack of Ruataniwha dam consultation sparks anger

Local MPs are outraged by the "complete lack of transparency" they say the regional council showed, committing ratepayers to a $35 million buy into the Ruataniwha Dam with no public consultation...

Hawkes Bay Today
24 Feb 2016

Ruataniwha irrigation scheme close to getting investor

A preferred private sector investor in the Ruataniwha water storage scheme is close to selection, says its primary backer, the Hawke's Bay Regional Investment Co...

Scoop Business
22 Feb 2016

Challenge to land swap for Ruataniwha dam fails

A judge has rejected a challenge to a land swap that would allow the Ruataniwha dam to proceed...

NZ Farmer
12 Feb 2016

Fly fishers spend up to $50,000 a week in Southland

An industry that flies under the radar for most Southlanders is funnelling millions into the economy, as some international fly fishing enthusiasts spend up to $50,000 a week for guides and accommodation...

Stuff: Travel
11 Feb 2016

Investors considered for Ruataniwha Dam

ACC and New Zealand Super Fund have been suggested as potential investors in the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme...

Hawkes Bay Today
8 Feb 2016

Developers respond to concerns about Carp Farm in Taupo

Developers for the proposed Grass Carp farm state that their proposed fish farm will have have no negative impacts for recreational fishing and waterways around the Lake Taupō area...

Company Press Release
29 Jan 2016

Campaiging to keep didymo out

A Gisborne man has taken on the task of helping to stop a fresh water pest from entering this region and Wairoa.

Gisborne Herald
29 Jan 2016

Anglers Angry At Carp Farm Proposal for Taupo

Anglers are angry about the proposed Grass & Silver Carp farm at Taupo which has already been approved by DoC and Fish and Game" said Alan Simmons leader of the NZ Outdoors Party...

Outdoors Party press release
19 Jan 2016

Ruataniwha Dam's future still uncertain

The Hawke's Bay Regional Council has still not secured an institutional investor for the controversial Ruataniwha Dam, despite saying earlier it was confident it would be able to do so by the end of 2015...

Radio NZ
15 Jan 2016

More trout tourism as tourists find out about Rangitikei

The lower dollar is attracting anglers to the trout pools of Manawatu and Rangitikei rivers...

NZ Farmer
11 Jan 2016

Climate event' blamed for trout deaths at Lake Tutira

Hawke's Bay Regional Council scientists are investigating an apparent "climate-related event" that has killed large numbers of trout and eels at Lake Tutira, north of Napier...

11 Jan 2016

Water users must agree to giving dam full support

Ruataniwha water users will be obliged to give their full support to any consent application made by Hawke's Bay Regional Investment Company...

Hawkes Bay Today
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